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UK Expat News

Brexit ‘Flextension’ Granted Until 31st October 2019

The EU27, the group responsible for negotiations with the UK in regard to Brexit, were deeply divided over an extension to Article 50. Donald Tusk, European Council president ideally wanted to offer the UK another 12 months to deliver Brexit. However, the prime minister accepted a ‘flextension’ of 6 months, meaning the deadline for Brexit is now Halloween. But the UK can leave beforehand if a decision has been made. Andrew Byrne, EU correspondent for The Sunday Times penned on Twitter: “All ... Read more

What Do Different Colours Mean in Different Countries?

It is no secret that colours are emotive. They can affect the way we feel, they can heal, and they can bring joy. They can remind us of a time of year, a certain place or a distant memory. Around the world different countries, cultures and groups of people associate colours differently. What could be a positive colour for some could be a sign of something sinister for others. Colour associations vary from country to country. Take a peep below to understand ... Read more

How Could You Be Affected by a No-Deal Brexit?

The UK is supposed to be leaving the European Union on Friday 29th March. However, despite the short time frame, everything still seems relatively murky in terms of a final decision. If Theresa May fails to win Parliament over with her revised withdrawal agreement there will be another vote. This will allow Members of Parliament to vote to leave the EU without a deal – this is known as a no deal Brexit. Many people are understandably worried as the outcome of ... Read more

10 Best Experiences for Adrenaline Junkie Travellers

For thrill seekers, the average holiday package is simply not enough. There lies within a deep yearning for adventure, a void that has to be filled! The challenge to live life to the full is something that many dream about, yet seldom accomplish. But for those of you ready to summon that guttural courage, there is a whole world of exciting and adrenaline filled opportunities awaiting you. You just need to know where to look for them. Behold only the very best adrenaline ... Read more

Expat Safety Tips: Sinkholes

Although possible almost anywhere you go in the world, little awareness is raised with regards to sinkholes and the dangerous risks they pose. Whilst sinkholes vary in terms of size and severity, they can appear with little to no warning and in many cases can cause severe damage, injury and even death. Therefore, expats and travellers alike can only benefit from being aware of high-risk areas and how to keep yourself safe. How do sinkholes occur? A sinkhole refers to a depression or cavity in ... Read more

Asia Dubbed Most Expensive Continent for Expats in 2018

A recent report from annual surveyor and the largest human resources consulting firm Mercer, revealed a report detailing the top 20 most expensive cities for expats. Asian cities dominated the list taking four spots in the top five and Hong Kong is sitting comfortably at the top. The list was accumulated by looking at a variety of different factors including transportation, property, food, clothes, everyday necessities and entertainment services. By evaluating these different areas of life the study was able to conclude ... Read more

British Frenzy for French Citizenship Pre-Brexit

With under a year to go until the UK leaves the EU, British expats living in France are trying to cement their futures in the country. Whilst the general belief is that any British expats living in EU countries will continue to do so as they are now, it appears few are willing to take that risk and want a permanent solution in fear of the worst. Since the Brexit result was released the numbers of British nationals applying to become French ... Read more

An Expat Student Guide to UK Visas

Following on from our Australia visa options for students, we decided to bring things closer to home and discuss visa options for overseas students visiting the UK to study. In 2016, the UK government tightened up rules on UK student visas, making a few changes to the Tier 4 General student visa. Discussions have also set out plans to diminish the number of UK student visas granted to reduce overall net migration into the UK. With Brexit also under a year away, ... Read more

27% of Young Brits Set for Expat Life Due to Brexit

UK-based foreign exchange and payments company Moneycorp surveyed 2,000 Brits in regards to their post Brexit-plans. The company commissioned the survey to discover what was influencing individual’s decisions to move abroad since the result of the EU referendum was announced. The research revealed that Brits of all ages are considering a move abroad the closer we get to leaving the EU, with 15% stating this is a likely plan. Just over a quarter of young Brits aged 16-24 have emigration in the ... Read more
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