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How does our Family & Friends Benefit work?

When you purchase a product with Expatriate Group we will give you your own affinity discount code – see below. You can pass this code on to any family member or friend and, if they are a new customer, they will receive 10% off their premium.

As the referrer, we will give you up to €/£/$250 each time a new family member or friend uses your affinity code. The full value will be given to you as a voucher or gift card. Expatriate Group will contact you to confirm your preference – Amazon and Apple are extremely popular with our customers.

Your Affinity Code

To individualise your code, we use your Policy Reference as part of the code itself. So simply advise your friend or family member to use the code STL2019/[your policy number]. For instance, if your policy number was H012345/20/00, the affinity discount code would be STL2019/H012345. Using this code your friend or family member gets an immediate 10% of their premium (or 1st annual premium) and we’ll then contact you separately about your own reward. It’s that simple.

F&F Terms and Conditions

  • Unlimited introduction of new customers. Earn up to the value of €/£/$250 per each and every introduction.
  • F&F discount only available once per new customer. Total premium (policies of less than 1 year) or 1st annual premium will be discounted by 10%.
  • Referral value payable as a full value voucher/gift card (i.e. Amazon, Argos, Apple, etc). We will contact you to confirm your preference.
  • Referral value is 10% of the total premium, the first annual premium (if policy is greater than 12 months in duration) or €/£/$250, whichever is the lesser.
  • Referral value calculation does not apply to any taxes or stamp duties applied to original premium.
  • Discount and referral payment relate to initial policy placement only (i.e. not replacements or renewals).
  • Discount and referral payment discounted/paid in same denomination as policy purchased.
  • We reserve the right to deduct referral payments from other referrals where policies have been cancelled or terminated mid-term.

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