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At Expatriate Group we only provide international insurance products for expatriates. As such, we are in the best position to offer you the products and services to cater for your clients’ international needs.

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Introducing Expat-Pay

Global medical coverage that never leaves you out of pocket
Our digital cash-less service provides a stress-free way to pay for treatment without initial self-funding.
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Put Your Clients First

Expatriate Group works to a founding principle of ‘service first’ and as our intermediary you can expect a quality service designed to make your life easier. As well as a direct personal contact, you will benefit from a whole range of online tools and services, giving you greater freedom and flexibility to better service your expatriate clients.

The Expat Community

Global research suggests migration has been rising sharply in recent decades, with numbers moving for work showing a significant increase. As baby-boomers retire and populations age, many countries are relying on imported labour to fill a skills shortage. With some countries actively encouraging expatriates, and other countries simply offering expats a better way of life, Expat Insurance products are vital to your clients.

The Expat Community

Worldwide Assistance

Working together with one of the world’s leading assistance companies; you, and in turn, your clients will benefit from multilingual support, 24-hours a day anywhere in the world.

Affiliate Links

Expatriate Group can provide affiliate links that are unique to your company – or even to an individual person. This allows simple quote generation linked to online fulfilment and enrolment.

Customer Experience

Customers can easily complete the sales process online simplifying the sales process and giving the option of settlement of premiums in instalments via any international bank account with a debit card (or with any Visa or MasterCard credit card). Simplifying the customer journey and making all our products and services available online. We can even include your company’s logo in our website so that you customer is aware that you’re part of the continued process.

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