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Since 1997 Expatriate Group have supported expats living and working across the world. Our dedication to the expat community has enabled us to create international healthcare plans to suit the different needs of those living overseas. Flexibility is key, which is why our international health insurance offers four different plans to cater to different expats.


  • Comprehensive plan
  • Annual medical check-ups
  • Dental care
  • Optical care
  • Preventative care


  • Hospital care
  • Outpatient care
  • Emergency dental
  • Annual medical check-ups
  • Emergency transportation

Primary+ Lite

Primary + Lite
  • Hospital care
  • Prescribed Medicine
  • Capped outpatient benefits
  • Emergency transportation
  • Emergency Dental Treatment


  • Hospital treatment
  • Home nursing
  • Doctor and specialist fees
  • Inpatient surgeries
  • Prescriptions & drugs
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Policy Benefits

Key Benefits of our International Health Insurance Policies

Whatever plan you choose you can rest assured you are protected when abroad. Whilst our international health insurance plans cater to the diverse needs of expats, our benefits for all Expatriate Group customers are the same.

Healthcare Cover

You can purchase all Expatriate Group products online easily, simply get a quote today. When you buy online cover is immediate, leaving you to get on with life overseas knowing your healthcare insurance is in place.

24 Hour

The Expatriate Group team are available via email, telephone, or our online chat function any time, 365 days a year. No query is too big or too small. We also provide multilingual support, even in emergency situations.

No Hospital

We do not operate a compulsory hospital network. You can choose any doctor, clinic, or medical facility you like to receive whatever treatment you need. This also means you can choose between public and private facilities.


With four plans to choose from, you select the comprehensive cover you require based on your needs. Select might be ideal for one expat, whereas Primary may be perfect for another. Find out today.

Chronic &
Terminal Cover

We understand that not all medical conditions can be cured. Expatriate Group support expats with chronic and terminal conditions through our international healthcare insurance for ongoing care and treatment.

No Out-of-pocket
Hospital Expenses

Expatriate Group will never require you to pay any consultation, treatment, or hospital fees out of your own pocket. Our healthcare insurance means we have this covered for you, emergency or planned.

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Who we cover

Who our international health insurance plans cover

We specialise in international medical insurance for everyone from digital nomads jetting off to work in Bali for two years, or those who are relocating their family to Australia.


Comprehensive international medical insurance for professionals that can be accessed whenever you need it.

  • Expat professionals
  • Volunteers
  • Frequent flyers
  • Remote workers
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A family, father, mother, 2 children and a dog walking on the beach


If you’re thinking of moving abroad with your family, make sure you’re covered.

  • Families with children
  • Couples planning a family
  • Extended family
  • Blended families
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Digital Nomads

Round-the-clock medical insurance, security and peace of mind for digital nomads and remote workers.

  • Working remotely
  • Telecommuting
  • Travel freely
  • Living and working abroad
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Peace of mind and protection for students that are studying far from home.

  • Work experience
  • Graduate placements
  • University students
  • College students
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Medical Insurance

International Medical Insurance to Suit You

Worrying about your health or requiring treatment can be stressful in your home country – let alone when you’re overseas. Language barriers and unfamiliar facilities can seem daunting, which is why we have no restrictions on where you receive medical assistance. Covering the cost of treatment overseas should be the last thing on your mind and Expatriate Group make this a reality for expats. Whether you’re planning your future overseas, already travelling, or have settled in a new country, it only takes two minutes to get a quote online.

Expats Working Overseas

Working Abroad Insurance

Overseas medical care can be expensive. This is why we provide Working Abroad Health Insurance. If you’re an expat working overseas give yourself peace of mind that you’re fully covered. Get the same complete protection as our traditional iPMI, just with a focus on working expats.

Working Abroad Insurance

Expats Working Overseas

Working Abroad Insurance

Expats on Shorter Trips

Short Term Healthcare

If you’re travelling abroad for a period of 2 to 11 months, then our Short Term International Health Insurance could be for you. It provides the same comprehensive cover as our International Health Insurance, just for a shorter amount of time to fit with your time overseas.

Short Term Healthcare

Expats on Shorter Trips

Short Term Healthcare

Policy Benefits

The Benefit Schedule

Below is a summary of the benefits included in each of the four international healthcare insurance plans. For more information get in touch with Expatriate Group today.

  Select Primary+ Primary+lite Primary
Income Replacement
Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability† $/€/£100,000
† For Terms and Conditions see separate PAI Policy Wording
Hospital Benefits
Annual Aggregate Maximum $/€/£5,000,000 $/€/£1,500,000 €/£/$1,000,000 $/€/£1,000,000
Private Hospital Bed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Surgeries, Anaesthetists’ fees, Operating Theatre, Specialist, Physician and Nursing Fees, Intensive Care. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prescribed Medicine and Drugs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Diagnostic Tests and Procedures (including MRI, CAT, PET) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oncology/Cancer Treatment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Psychiatric 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Home Nursing (following hospitalisation) 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Hospital Cash Benefit $/€/£150 per night $/€/£100 per night $/€/£100 per night $/€/£75 per night
Rehabilitation (following hospitalisation) $/€/£2,000 $/€/£2,000 $/€/£2,000 $/€/£2,000
Parent Accommodation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Second Opinion for Surgery Yes Yes Yes Yes
Organ Transplant $/€/£300,000 $/€/£150,000 $/€/£150,000 $/€/£100,000
Outpatient & GP Benefits
Family doctor, GP, Specialist and Physician consultations fees; including outpatient surgeries Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prescribed Medicine and Drugs Yes Yes Outpatient benefits capped at €/£/$1000 for pre-hospitalisation and then for 60 days following a valid hospitalisation
Diagnostic Tests and Procedures (including MRI, CAT, PET) Yes Yes
Physiotherapy & Alternative Medicine 20 sessions 10 sessions 10 sessions
Management of Chronic Conditions $/€/£100,000 $/€/£20,000
Oncology/Cancer Treatment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Psychiatric 10 sessions/$/€/£3,000 10 sessions/$/€/£3,000
Assistance Services & Special Benefits
Emergency Medical Transportation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Local Ambulance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Expenses for accompanying Dependent        
    Travel Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Accommodation & Subsistence $/€/£150 per day $/€/£100 per day $/€/£100 per day $/€/£75 per day
Repatriation of Mortal Remains $/€/£10,000 $/€/£5,000 $/€/£5,000 $/€/£5,000
Compassionate Travel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Family Compassionate Travel $/€/£250 $/€/£250 $/€/£250 $/€/£250
Terminal & Palliative Care $/€/£30,000 $/€/£20,000 $/€/£20,000 $/€/£15,000
HIV, AIDS & ARCS $/€/£50,000 (lifetime) $/€/£50,000 (lifetime) $/€/£50,000 (lifetime)
Maternity Care
Complications of Pregnancy 100% $/€/£5,000 $/€/£5,000
Normal Delivery $/€/£7,500*
Elective Caesarean Operation $/€/£7,500*
Non-elective Caesarean Operation $/€/£7,500*
Home Delivery $/€/£7,500*
Home Nursing following Home Delivery 5 days*
New Born Care $/€/£25,000*
* = Excludes costs incurred in first 12 months
Dental Care
Accidental Emergency Dental Treatment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Routine Dental Treatment $/€/£750
Basic Restorative Dental Treatment $/€/£750
Major Restorative Dental Treatment $/€/£1,000
Dental benefits (except Accidental) are subject to a 20% co-pay
Optical Care
Examinations & Lenses (inc. contact lenses) $/€/£150
Preventative Care
Annual Medical Check-up $/€/£ 300 $/€/£ 250
Travel Vaccinations Yes
Cervical Smears Yes
Mammograms Yes
Prostate Cancer Screening Yes
Yes = 100% refund to policy annual maximum aggregate, * = Excludes costs incurred in first 12 months
Expats Covered
Active Policies
Global Countries

What We cover

Key Health Insurance Features

When you’re living or working overseas you need the best international health insurance, which is why our international healthcare is available to purchase easily online. Since 1997 we have been safeguarding expats, allowing us to offer the best policy features for you.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are the costs to treat or prevent an injury or disease. When not covered with international healthcare insurance these costs can be extortionate.

To prevent you from these excessive expenses, one of the main features of Expatriate Group insurance plans is medical expenses. All four of our plans outpatient care for expats, GP services and any hospitilisation costs.

Preventative Care

Your health and well-being, and that of those you love and value, is of paramount importance. Expatriate Group is committed to keeping you all healthy by providing regular health checks and tests. These include vaccinations, annual medical check-ups, and cervical smears.

We even provide for prostate cancer screening and mammograms for the over 45’s

Dental Care

Your general health and well-being also extends to your dental health. Good dental health requires regular and routine check-ups and resulting restorative treatment can be costly.

We provide you with expat dental cover for routine check-ups and treatment. Plus, in the event of further treatment being required, both basic and major restorative treatment.

Optical Care

Changes to your eyesight are inevitable. That’s why Expatriate Group provide optical cover for expats, a benefit covering the cost of an annual eye examination for each person insured under the policy.

Where there is a change to your prescription we will also cover you for the cost of prescription lenses (including standard contact lenses).

Maternity Care

We know that when you are expecting a baby, you need to feel confident that appropriate care is available.

We provide maternity cover for expats once you have been covered by the policy continuously for 12 month. If you become pregnant, we provide for your antenatal appointments in the run up to the big day and for the delivery itself. And to get you back on your feet in those early days, we also allow for home nursing for 5 days after home delivery.

Medicine / Therapies

Should you be prescribed complementary treatment, we cover chiropractic help, osteopathy, homeopathy, and acupuncture.
We know how important complementary medicine and therapies can be, particularly when an illness or injury is ongoing, so we extend our cover to ensure expats are as comfortable as possible.

Complementary treatment or medicine must always be provided by a registered and qualified osteopath, chiropractor, homeopath or acupuncturist. Expats will require a written recommendation from a consultation with another medical professional.

Emergency Assistance

In the event of an emergency, one simple call to Expatriate Group’s assistance service provider and arrangements will be made for you to be transported to the nearest location for appropriate treatment.

Through our multilingual 24-hour support partner, we will liaise with you, your family, and the local healthcare services, keeping you continually updated.

24 hour emergency medical assistance is standard on all of our international healthcare plans.

Chronic Conditions

We understand that not all medical conditions can be cured.

Chronic conditions usually require you to have regular check-ups, nursing care, and routine or daily medication. Thankfully, with the right medical support, many people can live a relatively normal life whilst suffering with a chronic condition. However, the financial implications can be devastating.

We support you by providing benefits in respect of both HIV and chronic conditions.

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Policy Rewards

Premium Rewards

Premium Rewards are our way of rewarding customers who remain claim free by discounting future premiums by up to 20%. If you don’t make a claim during the policy year you can earn a discount of up to 10% on your subsequent annual premium. Two years without a claim could see a discount of up to 15% and up to 20% for 3 years without making a claim. The table below demonstrates our discount opportunities.

If you don’t make a claim during the policy year you can earn a discount of up to 10% on your subsequent annual premium. Two years without a claim could see a discount of up to 15% and up to 20% for 3 years without making a claim. The table below demonstrates our discount opportunities.
Claim Free Period
1 Year -5% -10% -10%
2 Years -7.5% -15% -15%
3 Year + -10% -20% -20%
If you are a Select customer, claims under the Maternity, Dental, Optical or Preventative Services will not affect your entitlement to Premium Rewards.

New customers claiming Premium Rewards must provide proof of the period they have been claim-free from their current insurer. The cover must be current, continuous and without any break. A comparable level of cover must be purchased from us. In the event that you do need to claim, you will lose two years of your Premium Reward entitlement, so if you’ve been claims free for three years you won’t fully lose your entitlement.
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What our global customers say

Required knee surgery whilst living in Thailand. I had an MRI and the operation, both of which were covered by my health insurance policy with Expatriate Group. The process took around a week as the surgery was not a medical emergency. I recently renewed with them for a second time with no hassle and I would 100% recommend. Hopefully I won’t need them again. But if so, I have utter confidence in their service.
Mr Price
International Health Insurance Customer
Confronted with an unexpected move across borders at short notice and the need to acquire reliable and affordable health insurance during a global pandemic. I asked a business partner for a recommendation and Expatriate Group was suggested as trustworthy and easy to deal with option. Indeed, I have found Expatriate Group to be professional, committed and very courteous.
Ms Burge
International Health Insurance Customer
Brilliant! I recently renewed my insurance policy with Expatriate Group for a third year. Changing from European to Worldwide for the second year was easy. When I had difficulties working out how to revert to European again this time the Live Chat option was very helpful. I had my first ever medical emergency on holiday in July and when I visited the hospital an administrator rang the Emergency Number for me. They were given a Letter of Guarantee and a case number, which meant I did not have to pay any fees directly. It couldn’t have been easier and was very reassuring. A big bonus at what was a stressful time.
Miss Robinson
International Health Insurance Customer
Many thanks to Expatriate Group for their excellent advice when my son’s circumstances changed due to COVID and he was suddenly stranded in Europe without health cover. We had a lot of questions. Expatriate Group were extremely patient and sympathetic throughout.
Mrs Williams
International Health Insurance Customer
The customer support team went above and beyond to check in on me and ensure my claim would be handled. It’s uncommon to find personal support when dealing with insurance but so far my experience with Expatriate Group has proven it’s possible to find good people when you most need them! For once, I’m happy with my insurance.
Mrs Nuttycombe
International Health Insurance Customer
Looking for a new health insurance is really not a fun job. Expatriate Group was definitely one of the easiest to overlook and understand. I also needed to have a few questions answered and was very positive and surprised about the friendly and professional customer service. Thank you Expatriate for your great help and friendly service.
Mr Grossmann
International Health Insurance Customer

Your Destination

Where are you moving to?

Moving abroad? Select a guide below to find out more about the local culture, healthcare, expat education, and more. 

International Health Insurance FAQs

We have put together some of our most frequently asked questions to help make purchasing international health insurance easier. Don’t forget, you can always get in contact with us if your query still needs answering.

Why is it important to have International Health Insurance?

We believe expats worldwide deserve the best international medical insurance to ensure protection whilst living or working abroad. You can get a quote online with us in minutes, and don’t forget we offer Corporate Health Insurance too.

Expat Insurance is not the same as International Travel Insurance (but we offer that too). International health insurance plans can be purchased for long periods of time whereas travel insurance policies tend to have a time scale involved unless you opt for an annual policy. There is also a difference in what is covered, and you can find out more through our website.

Expatriate Group offer instant comprehensive protection with 24-hour support. We offer four key insurance plans which offer varied levels of coverage to suit your needs. Check out our benefit schedule to see what is covered with our different policy options.

Don’t forget, we also offer Income Replacement Insurance and Term Life Insurance too.

Both the Expatriate Group International Healthcare Insurance and International Travel Insurance products cover Covid treatment. This applies to policies purchased after 20th September 2021.

Individuals and families abroad for periods of 2 to 11 months can buy our Short Term International Health Insurance. It provides the comprehensive protection our customers are used to, just for a shorter amount of time to better suit your needs.

International healthcare policies can be cancelled any time during your 14-day cooling-off period, so long as you haven’t made a claim, we will refund your premium in full. Cancelling your policy mid-term for a valid reason, provided you haven’t claimed, we will refund your premium based on a scale.

The term ‘excess’ (sometimes known as a ‘deductible’) is the amount of any claim that you will be liable to pay the healthcare facility before the insurance policy takes over, per policy period.

You are entitled to be treated in any hospital of your choice though please ensure that you have your treatment pre-authorised beforehand. See here for a directory of hospitals. Please note the directory of hospitals is for information only and is not a ‘network’.

Most persons living or working outside their country of nationality, who are under the age of 66, can purchase cover. To find out if you are entitled please apply on-line.

A pre-existing Medical Condition is any condition for which you have received medical advice, treatment or medication, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, or have experienced symptoms of, in the 2 year period prior to purchasing this policy.

No. As we do not provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions, we do not need to know about them except in the event of a claim.

Pregnancy and maternity coverage is included on our Select level of cover, subject to a one year waiting period. Our Primary and Primary+ policies both provide cover for complications of pregnancy.

As we do not medically underwrite, we simply exclude medical problems suffered in the two years before joining us; until you have been medication, treatment, and advice free for that condition for two years after joining us. This would NOT affect claims for new conditions.

No. And nor will you have to complete a medical questionnaire.

Yes, on our Primary+ and Select plans we provide coverage for outpatient treatment and GP care, e.g. visits to your General Practitioner. On the Primary plan outpatient coverage is only included where it is related to a valid pre-hospitalisation and then for 60 days following a valid hospitalisation.

Yes, under Select plan we provide coverage for annual routine medical check-up. The Primary+ plan also provides annual medical check-up coverage after you have been insured with us for a period of 12 months.

You are entitled to be treated in any hospital of your choice though please ensure that you have your treatment pre-authorised beforehand. See our full hospital list (this directory is for information only and is not a ‘network’).

The term ‘Excess’ (sometimes known as a ‘Deductible’) is the amount of any claim that you will be liable to pay the health care facility before the insurance policy takes over, per policy period.

If you choose to carry an excess, this is applied per medical condition per policy period. This means that should you claim for the same condition several in the same policy year, we will only apply the excess once; and costs incurred after that will be paid to the policy maximum.

Once you are accepted for cover, you will be able to renew on the prevailing rates, regardless of your claiming history. Where no claims are made under your policy in a particular contract year, you will be entitled to a no claims discount (Premium Reward), which can reduce your premium by as much as 20%.

You are covered for up to €50,000 of treatment on each trip outside your Area of Cover, for conditions from which you have not previously suffered before travelling, provided that your trip is not longer than 30 days in duration. Accordingly, if you travel regularly to another Area we would ask you to consider increasing your Area of Cover.

You can cancel your policy any time during your 14 day cooling off period and, so long as you haven’t made a claim, we will refund your premium in full. If you cancel your policy mid-term for a valid reason, provided you haven’t claimed, we will refund your premium based on a scale. Please see General Conditions, on Page 10 of the policy wording, for more information.

USA Residents: Whilst we don’t cover people permanently resident in the USA, we are able to cover short term (up to 1 year) policies for people looking to travel to the USA whilst they obtain their green card. Please select an Area 3 option when applying online and use your normal residence as the correspondence address.

Non-USA Residents requiring access to treatment in the USA: If you simply wish to be able to receive any treatment in the USA – but don’t actually reside in the USA – you can select an Area 3 option and you are able to obtain treatment anywhere in the world (including the USA).

We are able to provide expatriate health cover in many countries around the world Some countries do require you to purchase ‘local cover’, such as Saudi Arabia. If in doubt please speak to one of our advisors. For a full list of the countries we cover, please view our Geographical Coverage Schedule.

Full details of our plans are available in our Benefit Schedule. Our services are on a ‘non-advised’ basis and therefore we don’t review the plans for you, as we understand that each expatriate’s circumstances are different and each has a separate requirement from their international healthcare needs.

Yes, Strategic Insurance Services Limited 9trading as Expatriate Healthcare and Expatriate Group) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our FCA Firm Reference Number is 307133.

Strategic Insurance Services Limited are authorised to carry on Regulated Activities in accordance with the permissions granted by the FCA under Part IV of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

You can check this on the FCA’s Register by visiting the FCA’s website or by contacting the FCA on +44 (0)845 606 1234.

We believe that all our customers, regardless of where the policy was sold, should be entitled to the same regulatory benefits and protections as those purchasing cover in a FCA regulated territory. Accordingly, wherever possible, we shall extend these benefits to all of our customers.

Yes, to obtain a quote and buy cover for between 3 months and 11 months click here – Short Term Healthcare insurance

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