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Income Replacement Insurance

Protecting your Income

Protect your income against an accident or an illness that prevents you from attending your usual occupation.

Worldwide Protection

Expatriate Healthcare’s accident and illness insurance, provides you with worldwide protection against accidental death, permanent disablement and temporary disablement.

The income protection policy pays you a weekly sum in the event of temporary disablement or a lump sum in the event of permanent disability or accidental death.

Key Benefits of our Income Protection Insurance

  • ‘Usual occupation’ cover

  • Lump Sum for Accidental Death

  • Lump Sum for Permanent Disability

  • Weekly benefit for Temporary Disability

  • Underwritten @ Lloyd’s of London

  • Designed with Expats in mind

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What is Income Replacement Insurance?

Injuries and fatalities can occur whilst you are overseas. Depending on the severity of the accident you could end up permanently disabled, temporarily disabled, or losing your life. Protecting yourself and your family during times when a primary wage earner is unable to work can save a multitude of extra stress.


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About Income Protection Insurance

Financial peace of mind for you when you’re unable to work

Income Replacement Insurance protects you and your family by providing you with a lump sum payment if you can no long attend your normal occupation due to accident or illness. The policy can be extended to provide you with a weekly benefit if your time away from work is likely to only be temporary.

Permanent Disability Insurance

What would you do if an accident or illness permanently stopped you from being able to attend your normal occupation? What alternative occupations are accessible? What would happen to your earning potential?

Expatriate Healthcare’s income replacement insurance pays you a lump sum in the event that you are unable to attend you normal occupation due to an accident or an illness – securing the financial future for you and your family and put your destiny back in your hands.

Permanent Total Disability benefits are available up to ten times your normal gross annual salary, for people aged between 18 to 65 years of age.

Accidental Death

Your death is likely to have an affect on your family beyond the physical loss that is endured; the financial loss of the death of a primary wage earner is difficult to appreciate. A lump sum payment, decided by you at the outset of the policy, is paid to your designated grantee, affording your family with financial security in the event of your death. Cover is available for 18 – 65 year olds, with an amount payable of up to 10 times for gross annual salary.

Temporary Total Insurance

You don’t have to be permanently disabled to suffer a financial loss. Long term disability through accident or illness is likely to affect your income and your ability to pay your bills.

Expatriate Healthcare Temporary Total Disability cover provides a number of choices to allow you to tailor cover to match your own personal circumstances. Benefits are payable weekly and are calculated based on your net weekly salary when the cover is purchased. Benefit payments can start from as soon as your 14th day of disability; payable for up to 2 years.

The weekly benefit payments provide you with the peace of mind to know that, when you can’t work through accident or illness, you will still be able to continue to meet your financial commitments.

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