Hospital Cover for Expats

Hospital insurance is a vital part of our international health insurance provision. At Expatriate Group, all our plans include comprehensive cover for hospital stays and treatment, ensuring you always get the necessary and best possible care.

What is hospital cover?

In international hospital insurance, hospital cover refers to the treatment you will receive while you are in a hospital abroad. It means you will be covered for the treatment you require throughout your hospital stay and can include things such as medicine, surgery, and nursing care.

What is hospital cover?

Why is international hospital insurance important for expats?

In many countries, such as the USA, Switzerland, and Hong Kong, hospital costs can be extortionate. Expats could face extremely expensive bills for their hospital stays and treatment if they do not have the right hospital cover included in their international health insurance.
Some countries offer public healthcare, which includes free hospitals stays and treatment. However, even in these instances, private hospital insurance for expats can be beneficial. In many countries, healthcare facilities in the public sector may not provide the level of care that expats are used to. Hospital insurance, therefore, allows expats to access private healthcare, with better quality facilities and treatment.

Why is international hospital insurance important for expats?

What hospital cover do I get?

Expatriate Group offers expats four different insurance plans, offering flexibility and comprehensive care. Unlike some international insurance providers that limit which facilities you can use, we operate an open hospital network, so you have the freedom to choose whichever hospital you prefer for your treatment. All our expat health insurance plans include a private hospital bed as standard for your entire hospital stay, giving you the privacy you need.

Our hospital cover for expats also includes surgeries, with anesthetic and operating theatre costs. We also cover any specialist, physician, and/or nursing fees that are required throughout your hospital stay, as well as intensive care treatment.

What hospital cover do I get?

All our private hospital insurance plans also include all medicine and drugs that will be prescribed throughout your hospital stay, as well as diagnostic tests and procedures, such as MRI, CAT, and PET. Cancer treatment will be covered by all our expat insurance plans. You’ll also be covered for 30 days of psychiatric care in a hospital.

We understand that your medical treatment won’t necessarily be finished when you leave hospital. That’s why all our plans also include home nursing care and rehabilitation following hospitalisation, when it is needed.
For families, all our hospital insurance plans include parent accommodation, so you can stay by your child’s side while they’re in hospital.
All our hospital cover for expats also includes a hospital cash benefit option. This can be selected if you choose to have your treatment in a hospital that’s free, such as a state-funded facility. In this case, you could claim cash for each night you stay in the hospital, as we wouldn’t be paying for your care.

Insurance plans

What’s the best international health insurance for professionals?

Expatriate Group is an expert in international healthcare, having provided cover for our customers since 1997. We have four different health insurance plans for professionals, offering a range of features, so you can find the right solution for your specific medical needs.


  • Comprehensive plan
  • Maternity care
  • Dental care
  • Optical care


  • Hospital care
  • Outpatient care
  • Emergency dental
  • Diagnostic tests

Primary+ Lite

Primary + Lite
  • Hospital care
  • Prescribed medicine
  • Emergency transportations
  • Emergency dental treatment


  • Hospital treatment
  • Doctor and specialist fees
  • Outpatient surgeries
  • Prescriptions and drugs

Not covered

Exclusions for hospital cover

Your hospital cover may not include some specific and elective treatments. For example, only our Select plan includes maternity cover, so this will not be included under your hospital care in the other plans. You will need to ensure you pick the Select plan if you need maternity care included.

You can contact us to discuss specific exclusions in our hospital cover for expats.

Make a claim

How to claim for hospital treatment

To recover costs you have already paid for your hospital treatment, you can visit

If you would like to obtain pre-approval for hospital costs, you can call +44 20 8181 3818. You should obtain pre-approval as soon as reasonably possible, but at least seven days before your treatment. This means we will be able to guarantee costs are delivered directly to your hospital, without you having to pay out-of-pocket.

To make a claim for your hospital cover, you will need:

  • Proof of ID (passport).
  • Proof of your address (utility bill).
  • Any supporting medical reports or hospital discharge notices.
  • Invoices for any costs incurred.

If you require emergency assistance, you can call +44 (0)20 8181 3818. We can provide you with multilingual support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, liaising with your doctors and hospitals to ensure you receive the best care.

Quick Quote Key Benefits

Policy Benefits

The Benefit Schedule

Below is a summary of the benefits included in each of the four international healthcare insurance plans. For more information get in touch with Expatriate Group today.

  Select Primary+ Primary+lite Primary
Income Replacement
Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability† $/€/£100,000
† For Terms and Conditions see separate PAI Policy Wording
Hospital Benefits
Annual Aggregate Maximum $/€/£5,000,000 $/€/£1,500,000 €/£/$1,000,000 $/€/£1,000,000
Private Hospital Bed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Surgeries, Anaesthetists’ fees, Operating Theatre, Specialist, Physician and Nursing Fees, Intensive Care. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prescribed Medicine and Drugs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Diagnostic Tests and Procedures (including MRI, CAT, PET) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oncology/Cancer Treatment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Psychiatric 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Home Nursing (following hospitalisation) 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Hospital Cash Benefit $/€/£150 per night $/€/£100 per night $/€/£100 per night $/€/£75 per night
Rehabilitation (following hospitalisation) $/€/£2,000 $/€/£2,000 $/€/£2,000 $/€/£2,000
Parent Accommodation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Second Opinion for Surgery Yes Yes Yes Yes
Organ Transplant $/€/£300,000 $/€/£150,000 $/€/£150,000 $/€/£100,000
Outpatient & GP Benefits
Family doctor, GP, Specialist and Physician consultations fees; including outpatient surgeries Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prescribed Medicine and Drugs Yes Yes Outpatient benefits capped at €/£/$1000 for pre-hospitalisation and then for 60 days following a valid hospitalisation
Diagnostic Tests and Procedures (including MRI, CAT, PET) Yes Yes
Physiotherapy & Alternative Medicine 20 sessions 10 sessions 10 sessions
Management of Chronic Conditions $/€/£100,000 $/€/£20,000
Oncology/Cancer Treatment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Psychiatric 10 sessions/$/€/£3,000 10 sessions/$/€/£3,000
Assistance Services & Special Benefits
Emergency Medical Transportation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Local Ambulance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Expenses for accompanying Dependent        
    Travel Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Accommodation & Subsistence $/€/£150 per day $/€/£100 per day $/€/£100 per day $/€/£75 per day
Repatriation of Mortal Remains $/€/£10,000 $/€/£5,000 $/€/£5,000 $/€/£5,000
Compassionate Travel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Family Compassionate Travel $/€/£250 $/€/£250 $/€/£250 $/€/£250
Terminal & Palliative Care $/€/£30,000 $/€/£20,000 $/€/£20,000 $/€/£15,000
HIV, AIDS & ARCS $/€/£50,000 (lifetime) $/€/£50,000 (lifetime) $/€/£50,000 (lifetime)
Maternity Care
Complications of Pregnancy 100% $/€/£5,000 $/€/£5,000
Normal Delivery $/€/£7,500*
Elective Caesarean Operation $/€/£7,500*
Non-elective Caesarean Operation $/€/£7,500*
Home Delivery $/€/£7,500*
Home Nursing following Home Delivery 5 days*
New Born Care $/€/£25,000*
* = Excludes costs incurred in first 12 months
Dental Care
Accidental Emergency Dental Treatment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Routine Dental Treatment $/€/£750
Basic Restorative Dental Treatment $/€/£750
Major Restorative Dental Treatment $/€/£1,000
Dental benefits (except Accidental) are subject to a 20% co-pay
Optical Care
Examinations & Lenses (inc. contact lenses) $/€/£150
Preventative Care
Annual Medical Check-up $/€/£ 300 $/€/£ 250
Travel Vaccinations Yes
Cervical Smears Yes
Mammograms Yes
Prostate Cancer Screening Yes
Yes = 100% refund to policy annual maximum aggregate, * = Excludes costs incurred in first 12 months
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