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At Expatriate Healthcare, we are dedicated to providing expats, travellers, volunteers, and students with insurance plans bespoke to their requirements. We want you to see exactly how we have helped our customers ensure they are protected abroad when it comes to their health, life, safety, and income.

If you are considering on taking out a policy with us, take a read of the reviews below. These will give you a chance to absorb the views, opinions and experiences of our previous customers.

Customer Reviews

  • “Brilliant! I recently renewed my travel insurance policy with this company for a third year. Changing from European to Worldwide for the second year was easy. When I had difficulties working out how to revert to European again this time the Live Chat option was very helpful. I had my first ever medical emergency on holiday in July and when I visited the hospital an administrator rang the Emergency Number for me. They were given a Letter of Guarantee and a case number, which meant I did not have to pay any fees directly. It couldn’t have been easier and was very reassuring. A big bonus at what was a stressful time.”- Georgina Robson, International Healthcare, 08/08/2017
  • “Very helpful staff First I will say I only just signed up for my policy today so I have had no experience yet with making any claims with Expatriate Healthcare. But the assistance and communication I was given by Karen Goldstraw who signed me up for the policy was without a doubt 5 star. My situation is quite complex so i had a lot of unusual necessities for cover and had a lot of requests and questions. All my emails were answered promptly and clearly. It was very important to me that my family’s health insurance came from a company where communication was of a high standard as I need to know that if I ever make any claims they will be dealt with efficiently. Their value for money is also a lot better than almost all the other insurance companies I made enquiries too.”- Mr Iain Greig, Travel Insurance, 29/03/2017
  • “Overall great service Staff are very helpful and go out of their way to help. Would be great if Maternity cover was an option rather than being automatically included. Also would like the option to pay by AMEX.”- Ms Sally Martyn, International Healthcare, 01/02/2017
  • “Very helpful and friendly I have yet to use the service, but getting signed up and questions answered was a great experience. Good service from the two ladies who helped answer questions and put my mind at ease.”- Mr kip richardson, Travel Insurance, 22/01/2017
  • “Very straight forward policy It was very straight forward to complete the proposal form and the annual premium is very worthwhile.”- Mr WILLIAM VELLA, International Healthcare, 18/01/2017
  • “Paid up when needed Whilst living in Thailand I had pain in my left knee. MRI Scan showed damage to my Meniscus.I gave my details to the hospital who contacted Expatriate insurance to confirm that they would pay for the operation.It took around a week for confirmation to be giving but as it wasn’t life threatening there was no major rush. I did have to pay for the MRI scan myself, but i theory i could have claimed it back as it led to treatment being needed, but to be honest i could not be bothered All in all they did what it said on the Tin so i can have no complaints. I recently renewed with them for a second time with no hassle, so i would recommend them so far. Hopefully i won’t need them again. But if so i have confidence in their service.”- Mr Phillip Price, International Healthcare, 17/01/2017
  • “getting covered Easy to get covered and reasonable rates”- Dr Peter Mason, International Healthcare, 20/12/2016
  • “Needed You Again We have been using Expatriate Healthcare for several years now, and are very happy with their programs and service.”- Mrs Stephanie Bogatinoff, International Healthcare, 19/12/2016
  • “Excellent customer service The online purchase option was user friendly. Price is competitive. However it is the customer service that makes the experience a positive one. I had great help from Lucia via live chat. Thank you.”- Ms San Lee, International Healthcare, 16/12/2016
  • “extremely satisfied very clear policy – fast and easy to organised. flawless service”- isa, International Healthcare, 16/12/2016
  • “iked the call back service ery helpfulat all times”- Mr Michael Tucker, International Healthcare, 13/12/2016
  • “Good Simple and fast”- Sergei, International Healthcare, 10/12/2016