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Hong Kong Expat News

The World’s Best Public Transport Systems

If you’re traveling to a new place and want to explore everything it has to offer, you’ll want to be able to get around quickly, efficiently and safely.  Below are the places which have been deemed to have some of the best public transport systems in the world, with affordable buses, punctual trains and easy-to-navigate metros. Singapore A recent report showed that Singapore had the highest passenger satisfaction rate in the world, with 86% of people happy with the public transport in the ... Read more

The Pros and Cons of Expat Life in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an exciting, lively city which has proved extremely popular with expats. It’s one of the largest business hubs in Southeast Asia, and over half the expat community have moved there for their work and career. As an international city, it can offer many benefits to expats but, like any relocation destination, there are also some drawbacks. If you’re moving to Hong Kong, these are pros and cons of expat life in Hong Kong you should consider. Pros of Living as ... Read more

Life as an Expat During Coronavirus: Laurie, Hong Kong

Laurie, a Business Development Manager, moved to Hong Kong in August 2019. Who could predict that just 4 months later Laurie would be living approximately 6000 miles from where COVID-19 is said to have started, Wuhan. With plans to remain abroad indefinitely, Expatriate Group were lucky enough to speak to Laurie in September and discuss his experience of living in Hong Kong and any thoughts he has regarding his future in Asia.         When did you first hear about COVID-19 and how did it ... Read more

UK One of the Best Countries for Expat Benefit Packages

When moving abroad; weather, a great location and cost of living are all major factors when deciding where to call home but a lot of us base our decisions on where to move to according to how much we can earn. After all, money is the real driving factor. The ECA’s latest My Expatriate Market Pay Survey has revealed the top countries where professionals are earning more than the global average. The survey has analysed pay levels for expatriates in 170 countries ... Read more

How does your TravelCare policy respond in light of the Hong Kong airport occupation and flight cancellations?

Hong Kong International Airport, on the island of Chek Lap Kok, is the world’s 8th busiest airport by passenger numbers. Therefore, the recent protests which has resulted in the closure of the airport and wholesale cancellation of flights has impacted a huge number of airlines and their/our customers. Accordingly, for our customers who are travelling to and from Hong Kong, or using Chek Lap Kok airport as a hub for onward flights, we want to clarify how their TravelCare International Travel Insurance ... Read more

Hong Kong is the world’s most expensive city for expats

An increasing amount of people are choosing to move abroad for work, but the destination can dramatically change the cost of living. So, which cities should you avoid if you’re looking for cheap living? New research by Mercer has declared Hong Kong the most expensive city in the world for working expats in 2019, for the second year running. Asia continues to dominate the rankings of the priciest locations for expats with eight of the top 10 most costly cities being in Asian ... Read more

Where Should Expats be Moving in 2019?

Expat exodus The UK sees approximately one in ten of its population taking the plunge, upping sticks, and moving overseas. Driven by work opportunities, sunnier climes and different lifestyle prospects, expats are continuing to make their homes across the globe; but just where do we Brits decide to settle abroad, what are the top destinations, and where should expats be moving in 2019? Important considerations There are so many factors to take into consideration when deciding on the right destination to make your new ... Read more

The Best Countries for Unique Halloween Celebrations

The USA is the undisputed champion of Halloween, with the UK not far behind. However, the reasons behind the traditions and customs have evaporated over the years. Although people of all ages revel in the spooky celebrations, there are locations around the world that have their own unique ways of doing things. From spirits visiting the earth for feasts, to psychic readings and the planting of wheat, the locations below may inspire you to indulge in something a little different this Halloween. Day ... Read more

Hong Kong Most Expensive City for Expats

According to research conducted by Mercer, Hong Kong is now the most expensive place for foreign workers to live. Meanwhile, the weaker pound has helped make London more affordable for expats, according to the global survey. The research examined the cost of 200 items in more than 375 cities. The cost of each city is determined by the economic standing of the country it resides in. It also takes in to consideration exchange rate fluctuations that alters the price of imported goods. Often, these ... Read more

The 3 Most Expensive Places for Expats to Live

Where are the most expensive places for expats to live? Right now you might be thinking about the price of real estate in New York City, or public transport in the UK. Perhaps one of the Scandinavian countries with their impressive salaries – but also extreme levels of taxation? If so, you might be surprised by the 2015 Cost of Living Rankings, produced by global expat compensation experts Mercer. Their comprehensive study aims to take as complete a view as possible of the ... Read more
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