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Moving Abroad

Expats Quit Jobs and Leave Saudi Arabia

It seems that Saudi Arabia is constantly in the expat news as of late. Since May 2017, we have kept you abreast of the latest happenings in the Gulf State. Whilst the year started in a promising fashion for the country with the introduction of a green card for expatriates and the start of what seemed like a promising initiative in Saudi Vision 2030, it has been downhill from there.With the abolishment of tax-free living, restrictions on the US-style green card ... Read more

British Expats and the Self-Assessment Tax Return

Whether heading overseas due to work or for a new life, countless UK residents leave Blighty every year. However, sometimes this move can be confusing for HMRC and some expats get caught in confusing tax situations.Brits abroad still face tax obligations and it is imperative to declare earnings before the self-assessment tax return deadline of 31st January 2018. However, HMRC does not make it easy for expats to complete this, particularly if they have missed the paper returns deadline of 31st ... Read more

The Exotic Islands of French Polynesia

Appearing on a map as minute green specs in the South Pacific, the countless islands of French Polynesia are spread across five archipelagos. Like gems in a crown, each island stands proud no matter its size and the waterfalls, dense jungle and desert plateaus bring each to life.Whilst there are a number of airlines which venture to French Polynesia, Air Tahiti is relied upon for island hopping as the regions only domestic provider. To avoid cyclones, visit between May and October. ... Read more

How to Make Language Barriers Easier as an Expat

Whilst English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, expats should not assume that it has been adopted everywhere. Living and working in a location where you know none of the local lingo can have you feeling like a fish out of water and heighten anxiety. Feeling lost and unable to communicate is extremely debilitating so take on board our tips below to ensure your new life begins without a hitch. Learn the Local Language As an expat, you ... Read more

The Best Game Reserves for Safari in South Africa

Many consider South Africa the home of safaris. Many people dream of jetting to the southern tip of the great continent to see the likes of lions, elephants, and giraffes in their natural habitat. The countless reserves encompass every possible landscape, from desert and forest to mountain and coast. However, each has an incredible array of wildlife which is all protected by the reserve.Shamwari Game Reserve Shamwari Game Reserve is the southernmost Big Game private reserve in South Africa. Furthermore, it is ... Read more

Kuwait Propose 15 Year Expat Cap

Currently, there are approximately 3,150,115 expatriates living in Kuwait. This figure accounts for 69.7% of the total population – heavily outweighing native Kuwaitis. The largest expat community is Indian, with around 1 million citizens, followed by Egyptians at around 700,000 people.Recently, the Kuwaiti population has been increasing their pressure on the government to address the imbalance of expatriates in the country. A parliamentary committee has been working to address the issue and there has been a proposal of a 15-year cap ... Read more

What Is Expat Life Really Like in Poland?

There is a large expatriate community of Polish citizens in the UK. Many younger Polish people head over to get a better grasp on the English language, benefit from better-paying jobs and become part of the UK’s growing Polish community. However, you very rarely hear of many people moving to Poland.Despite its beautiful architecture, amazing food, and welcoming locals, many still let visions of Auschwitz, people queuing for bread in the snow, and the Iron Curtain skew their opinion. However, opinions ... Read more

Shining a Light on the French Antilles: Part 2

Last month we transported you to Sint Marteen and St Barts in part one of our French Antilles series. This time around, our journey takes us to the beautiful Guadeloupe and Martinique. Sit back, relax, and indulge in French, Dutch and Creole culture.Guadeloupe In the heart of the Caribbean, Guadeloupe is actually an archipelago of fiver islands; Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Las Saintes, La Desirade and Marie-Galante. Although each island is very much French, they are also undeniably Caribbean, resulting in a beautiful Creole ... Read more

Women Finally Granted Right to Drive in Saudi Arabia

On September 26th 2017, Saudi Arabia finally granted its female citizens the right to drive. Whilst women were not banned from getting behind the wheel, Saudi law required citizens to use a locally issued license whilst in the country. Funnily enough, these licenses could not be issued to women. Therefore, it was effectively illegal for women to drive.This latest move in the Kingdom is part of an ongoing political shakeup which has so far seen an abolishment of tax-free living and ... Read more

The 5 Most Haunted Hotels in The World

With Halloween fast approaching, we thought it fitting to cast our eyes over the most haunted hotels in the world. Often the locations of happy family holidays or romantic city breaks, hotels are the last place we’d expect to feel fear. Come with us on a frightening journey as we unveil the hotels where you’d unlikely want to rest your head, especially come the 31st October.Stanley Hotel, Colorado, USA The inspiration for Stephen King’s chilling masterpiece, The Shining, the Stanley Hotel is ... Read more
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