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Moving Abroad

A Guide to Understanding Australian Slang

English is one of the most widely used and understood languages in the world. However, each country that has English as main tongue tends to have its own lingo that many people can find confusing. Whilst Australia has no official language, English has become the de facto national language since European settlers touched the Land Down Under many years ago. Many expats and travellers have noted that there are some peculiar phrases and words that are spoken by Aussies. If you’re planning ... Read more

The Challenges of Living in Dubai as an Expat

Dubai is a dynamic city with a high standard of living and tax-free salaries making it an attractive destination for expats. Although the city has so much to offer its increasing expat community, moving to Dubai doesn’t come without its challenges. Like in most countries, there are ups and downs and to help you make your decision we have highlighted some of the main challenges of living in Dubai as an Expat. Why is Dubai so attractive? Before we look at the negatives, let’s ... Read more

Life as an Expat During Coronavirus: Laurie, Hong Kong

Laurie, a Business Development Manager, moved to Hong Kong in August 2019. Who could predict that just 4 months later Laurie would be living approximately 6000 miles from where COVID-19 is said to have started, Wuhan. With plans to remain abroad indefinitely, Expatriate Group were lucky enough to speak to Laurie in September and discuss his experience of living in Hong Kong and any thoughts he has regarding his future in Asia.         When did you first hear about COVID-19 and how did it ... Read more

Life as an Expat During Coronavirus: Becky, Sydney

Becky, hailing from Wales, is a 27-year-old Public Relations Executive currently residing in Sydney, Australia. Having left life in London two years ago, Becky had no plans of returning to the UK and looked to settle Down Under for the foreseeable future. However, has COVID-19 changed this at all? Expatriate Group were lucky enough to speak to Becky in early September and she was happy to share her story of living as an expat in Sydney during a global pandemic.     When did you ... Read more

Why is Oman the Safest Country for Expats

Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world and it’s regarded as one of the more traditional countries in the Gulf region. The country is home to a range of marvelous natural wonders and architectural beauty. This country covered with stunning Mosques and museums but it also boasts incredible beaches and desert regions with plentiful wildlife and dunes. This isn’t all this country is known for, last year Oman was ranked as the world’s safest country for expats to live and ... Read more

Why Expats and Remote Workers Should Consider Working From a Hotel

Most of us haven’t had a choice but to work from home in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic but with a lack of structure, kids pining for attention and no dedicated workspace, it’s taking its toll on some. If you’re struggling with the work from home life, there’s another option, let us introduce you to, working from a hotel. Why work from a hotel? Working from a hotel means you can escape the hustle and bustle of family life at home and ... Read more

Should You Buy Or Rent When Moving Abroad?

One of the main concerns of people seeking greener pastures elsewhere besides the country and city to live in is the apartment they will stay in. All the excitement and joy of moving abroad could be quenched if you cannot find a place to put up while you work or school there. One question people ask themselves before relocating to their new country of residence is, "should I rent a house or buy one?" Which is a better option? Before concluding on ... Read more

The Ups And Downs Of Expatriate Life In Singapore

Relocating to a new city or country is one decision you cannot take lightly. Usually, people assume that life abroad would be more comfortable than what they currently have. Sometimes it turns out the grass isn't always greener on the other side. There are so many things to consider, from finances and accommodation to family, education, health care, and many more. This may be true when moving to Singapore too. Singapore, also well-known as the lion city, is located in Southeast Asia. ... Read more

Does Moving Abroad Mean I Escape My Student Loan?

There are a lot of opportunities that moving abroad presents to you but travelling abroad to evade paying back your student loan is not a good idea. A lot of students think this is a better option to paying off their student loan debt which they may still be paying even in their fifties if there are no better opportunities. While some students hop on a plane the minute they graduate from college, they really don’t escape paying their student loans and ... Read more

5 Cities With The Best Expat Communities

Moving abroad can be extremely daunting, leaving your home, family, friends and colleagues to start a new life in a different country can be difficult in many ways. But what makes the process more bearable for many is the thriving expat communities in cities across the world. Knowing that the city you’re moving to has a flourishing expat community can make all of the difference. It provides you with the reassurance that you will have a community to lean on when settling into ... Read more
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