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7 Underrated Cities in France

France is well known for its glamourous cities and rich history. Whether you visit the northern region or the sunnier southern area, France can offer tourists beautiful architecture, amazing cuisine and plenty of culture. Below are some of the most underrated cities in France which you should visit. Lyon Lyon is France’s second-largest city but often goes under the radar for visitors. It is one of France’s oldest cities and is known as the gourmet capital of France. It has many UNESCO World ... Read more

How to Haggle in Markets Abroad

In many places overseas, haggling when shopping is accepted and even expected. In certain countries, you can usually bargain prices for goods sold at markets and tourist souvenir shops, but probably not at modern shops or shopping malls. If you know you’ll be shopping somewhere where you’ll be expected to haggle, you’ll want to be prepared with the right bargaining techniques, so you can get the best price for the items you want to buy. Haggling and shopping at markets is also ... Read more

5 Amazing Places You Have to Visit in Malta

Nestled between Sicily and the North African coast is the archipelago of Malta. Many people assume Malta is an Italian or Spanish country, but it’s been independent since 1964. Visitors to the country can experience a mix of Latin, Mediterranean and European culture due to its historical legacy and various rulers. For those itching to jet away, Malta officially opened to tourists in June 2021. 70% of the Maltese population have received their first vaccination, meaning herd immunity has been achieved. This ... Read more

5 Best Places to Visit in Japan after Covid-19

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics have finally started this month in Japan, after a year’s wait. If you saw the Torch Relay tour through the beautiful landscapes and historical landmarks, you’re sure to have been inspired to visit this amazing country. We’ve found the must-visit places to visit in Japan for when travel opens up again. Tokyo Perhaps the most obvious Japanese travel destination, Tokyo is the country’s capital and central hub of the Olympic games. This densely populated city, full of skyscrapers ... Read more

The 8 Best Train Journey’s in the World

Many associate train travel with discomfort, heat and the weekly commute. However, when it comes to seeing the world by train, there is an old-fashioned appeal that cannot be matched by flying or driving. More often than not, you get to clap your eyes on some of the most hidden locations in the world from the comfort of your carriage. Kenya: Jambo Kenya Deluxe The Nairobi to Mombasa line is one of the earth’s greatest train journeys and the train many opt for ... Read more

Quiet Cities: Four Most Relaxing European Cities

Looking for a European city break but don’t want to be fighting for pavement space, queuing to get into restaurants, or squished against the window on public transport? It might seem impossible to find but, believe it or not, there are some quiet European cities where you can enjoy the beautiful museums, trendy shopping centres and scenic views without the hustle and bustle. Forget about London, Istanbul and Rome, book flights to one of these cities below. Ljubljana The often-overlooked capital of Slovenia has a ... Read more

6 Netflix Travel Documentaries You Must Watch

Depending on where you live in the world it is likely that the pandemic has dampened your wanderlust. For those who are itching to jet away on adventures, it could be time to take your adventures online and live vicariously through some incredible Netflix travel documentaries. From captivating voyages to the outright peculiar, our list of documentaries below will certainly transport you overseas without you even leaving your home. Expedition Happiness Join a young German couple as they convert a school bus into ... Read more

6 Places to Virtually Travel with Google Maps

Why lose time and energy on travel, when you can visit the warmest, coldest and most exclusive places around the world in minutes. What's more, it's free! OK. It's not quite the same as real life, but if you can’t see them in reality, virtual travel is a close second. Google Maps and virtual tours are entertaining during lockdown, but allows you to travel anywhere, anytime. Most travellers, even the most adventurous explorers, don’t get the chance to visit the  most desirable landmarks ... Read more

5 Magical Places to Explore in Mexico

Mexico is known for its luxurious holiday resorts on the Riviera Maya and it’s delectable Mexican cuisine, but if you delve deeper and explore a little further afield you will find some magical places waiting to be uncovered. Deserted coastlines, untouched ancient ruins, serene national parks and so much more. All-inclusive package holidays are, of course, tempting and nothing beats lying by the pool but for those that are keen to explore and want to see the real beauty of this country, ... Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Backpacking In South Africa

South Africa is an exciting country that offers tourists a wide range of adventures and attractions. It’s a fantastic travel destination with lots of national parks and wildlife experiences, safaris, mountains, beautiful cities, delicious food, rich cultural history, and friendly people. But before travelling to this fabulous country, ensure that you effectively plan your travel days. How long do you intend to stay in SA? The best way to explore South Africa is while travelling light. If you plan to spend a ... Read more
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