What Kind of Insurance Do I Need If I’m Going Travelling For 3 Months? 

Most standard travel insurance policies are limited to just a few weeks. So, what travel insurance should you get if you’re travelling for a few months? Below, we look into exactly what type of travel insurance you’ll need, what you should look for in your policy and why other types might not be suitable.

What is long-stay travel insurance?

Long-stay travel insurance is a policy that has been designed specifically for individuals who are taking a longer trip, such as three months. It is sometimes also referred to as backpackers’ insurance.

Most typical travel insurance policies offer cover for a trip that lasts up to 31 days. There are some policies that will cover up to three months, but you will need to read the wording carefully. Usually, travellers who are taking a trip for longer than a month will require long-stay travel insurance.

Long-stay travel insurance can often cover an individual for up to 18 months. It includes everything that you would expect from standard travel insurance, such as cover for cancelled flights, lost luggage, and medical expenses.

Some long-stay travel insurance policies will also include cover if the individual plans to work whilst they are abroad.

How much does long-stay travel insurance cost?

Your long-stay travel insurance cost will vary depending on a number of factors. These include your age, any pre-existing medical conditions you have, where you will be travelling to, how long you’ll be away, and the types of activities you plan to do.

So, for example, if you plan to take part in water sports or snow sports while you are away, your cover is likely to be more expensive than if you didn’t. This is because there is a greater risk of you having an accident that might require medical care.

What should I look for in long-stay travel insurance?

When you’re looking for long-stay travel insurance for a three month or longer trip, you should make sure the policy provides everything you need.

So, you should ensure the cancellation cover amounts to how much your trip will cost you. You should also ensure you have included cover for any extra activities that could increase the need for medical care.

You should make sure you have included any pre-existing medical conditions, so you’ll be covered if you require anything for this while you are away. You should also look to see if you’re covered for any accidents that might happen if you’re working if you plan to work on your trip.

You should also ensure the excess payment is affordable for you in case you need to make a claim and will need to pay it.

Can I use my annual travel insurance for a long trip?

The majority of standard annual travel insurance policies will only cover a trip that lasts up to 31 days in total. Whilst this type of policy will keep you covered for a number of trips in a certain period, it usually doesn’t include cover for people who are travelling for three+ months. 

Can I use single trip travel insurance for a long trip?

As we mentioned, some single trip travel insurance may cover you for up to three months. However, long-stay travel insurance is usually the best option if you are taking a long trip over 90 days.

Single trip travel insurance usually won’t include cover if you are planning on travelling to multiple different countries, but long-stay insurance will. 

Long-stay travel insurance also means you might have some more flexibility if you extend your trip and stay abroad for longer.

You should always read your travel insurance policy carefully to check it covers what you need. You should speak to your travel insurance provider if your plans change on your trip and you need to extend your policy or add another country.

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