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Asia Expat Country Guides

Boasting a population of over 4.1 billion citizens, Asia has a unique mix of cultures and is a go-to continent for many expats. Containing the unique ways of India and the Middle East, to the technological and economic hubs of China and Japan, each and every country in between brings something exclusive to the tapestry of this great continent.

The Expat Country Guides for Asia discuss all aspects of living in each respective country – from climate, economy and language to transportation, healthcare and schooling – to aid decisions as to where your new home could be.

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Africa Expat Country Guides

Spanning from the bustling souks of Morocco to the enchanting coastline of Mozambique, Africa hosts a large diversity of ethnicities, cultures and languages. With South Africa hailed as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ due to it having eleven official languages, it is no surprise that expatriates flock to encounter the unique city.

The Expat Country Guides for Africa provide a unique and detailed insight into what life could truly be like for an expat seeking a new beginning in the hottest continent on earth.

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Europe Expat Country Guides

With many European countries exuding cultural heritage, many expatriates are drawn to a European lifestyle enveloped in history.
From the warmer climes of Portugal, to the frostier temperatures of Iceland, there truly is somewhere to call home for many expats.

If the rich antiquity and varying climates are not prize enough, the culinary adventure that Europe has to offer is second to none and the Europe Country Guides will open your eyes to the many benefits and extraordinary charms of life in its varied and respective countries.

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North America Expat Country Guides

The environmental and subsequent social disparities are extreme and provide North America with a kaleidoscope of culture, history and cuisine that make this land a real haven for expatriate adventure.

The North America Country Guides reveal just what a chocolate box of surprises the continent can be and how there truly is a place for everybody to call home when taking healthcare, transport, schools and other key topics into consideration.

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South America Expat Country Guides

With opportunities ranging from Amazonian adventures to relaxing on sun-kissed beaches, the South America country guides highlight the social and economic values of life in this cultural hub. Music and food is at the heart of South American life and this unique blend adds a zest to life that nowhere else in the world can offer.

So whether you fancy an Argentine tango or a Brazilian samba, the continent of South America could add a depth of flavour to life for many expatriates.

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Australia and New Zealand Expat Country Guides

Both Australia and New Zealand are countries championed for their laidback lifestyles which makes them an already popular choice for expatriates. With the contrast between the indigenous Maoris of New Zealand and the Aboriginal people of Australia against the cosmopolitan cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, it is no surprise that many favour a life down under due to their diversity.

With life in both the countries benefitting from being safe and politically stable, many expats regret not leaving their homelands sooner to revel in the friendly people, excellent schools and an outdoor lifestyle.

The country guides for both Australia and New Zealand paint a picture of these two multicultural and affluent countries that are laced in natural splendour.

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