The Best Solo Travel Destinations

Travelling on your own has increased in popularity over recent years. Many with a naturally inquisitive nature have been led to explore parts of the world by themselves. Current statistics say that 75% of Brits have either travelled alone or have put plans in place for a solo trip. Whilst the trips may be an aspiration, two sets of eyes are sometimes better than one. Especially in the planning stage. Questions about passports, visas and international travel insurance are always better answered together. However, the enjoyment one gains from fending for themselves in a foreign country can be truly rewarding.

We have picked a small selection of the best places for the solo traveller to enjoy.

Havana – Cuba

For some, this sounds a daunting prospect. In reality, it shouldn’t. Cuba is a land that is changing to a more commercial outlook on life. It still holds on to its communist ideals but to a much lesser extent than how it did before. The cliché of 1950s cars and crumbling buildings remain, and the monuments to the uprising led by Castro are still prominent. It is the fear that all this will gradually disappear that is bringing more and more people to explore this beautiful country. Whether it is Havana or Holguin, a solo traveller can enjoy the history, the hospitality and the last vestiges of an era unlikely to return to this Caribbean Island.

Tourists can also benefit from excellent healthcare in Cuba. With international health insurance, anyone needing treatment can find themselves treated to the equivalent of private healthcare you may find in the UK.

Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona has long been popular for tourists and expats. The stunning cityscape that fuses history with modernity allows explorers to get the best out of both worlds. Whether you want to wander the streets, stopping off at a host of cafes or bars to watch the world go by, or indulge yourself with a relaxing book at the beach. Barcelona is one of those places that can give you a bit of everything without the need for someone else to help make it enjoyable. Take a bike tour and the whole city can be explored at leisure. An easy-to-use public transport system allows visitors to travel from art gallery to café, from museum to beach and all that’s in between. A diverse culture fills Barcelona’s population, making it an experience that allows you to embrace more than just the Spain that you visited.


Where we have gone for specific cities on the previous two entries, Thailand, the whole country proudly takes its own spot. Often seen as a haven for travelers to experience their first real backpacking trip, Thailand is a land of opportunity. Opportunity to learn, discover and enjoy. Heading to Chiang Mai allows you to rest, refresh and rest before venturing to Pai where you can submerge yourself in rainforests and waterfalls.

Cookery courses, scuba diving, yoga and more can easily fit your daily schedule. Navigate your way through the islands for a piece of paradise and discover something new every day. Add to this that Thailand is seen as very safe for female travelers and you can feel confident it will be a trip worth taking.

New York – USA

New York finds itself on many travel lists. A city of so much variety you could take a journey just a few blocks and find yourself immersed in a totally different culture to the one you were enjoying an hour ago. With iconic landmarks everywhere, award-winning shows presented in award-winning theatres and enough restaurants to feed you for years. New York can give you that time to yourself despite the hustle and bustle of a big city.

A trip on the Hudson River allows you to soak up some sights, whilst a leisurely stroll through Central Park gives you the opportunity to admire gorgeous greenery and stunning sculptures.

Filled with vibrant nightlife, and a welcoming population, New York can give you the perfect party for one thanks to the diversity it offers.

Hokkaido – Japan

Sometimes a language barrier can put people off travelling alone. And traveling to the far east is often further down the list of preferences for that reason. Add to that the long journey and fear that your worldwide travel insurance might have exempt countries, a journey into the unknown can be daunting. None of this should put you off Japan though. A country of beauty, culture and friendly people, it is nothing short of perfect. Hokkaido is the place in Japan where it boasts a natural beauty that allows you to explore, learn and enjoy. If you love a hike, or perhaps to ski, the Hokkaido has it in plentiful supply. Wolves, bears and deer casually stroll the picturesque island and four volcanos that nestle within the mountains remain active.

Head into Sapporo for the lively city life and enjoy fine Japanese cuisine, entertainment and shopping.

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