What’s the Best Place to Live in Canada for Expats?

Canada has always been a place full of contrast. Freezing winters, hot summers, varied cultures, it has a bit of everything. That is perhaps why a staggering 21.5% of the population have emigrated from another country. That equates to 8 million people settling in Canada as a new home. Where do they choose to live though and why?

Our study into expat mental wellbeing showed Toronto fares well. It’s ranked the 6th best city in the world for Expats to live. With Canada covering a huge 3.8 million square miles there are plenty of other options too.

The best place in Canada to live

Depending on what you are looking for in your new life will definitely determine the best place to live in Canada. Whether you are looking for city life, a snowy retreat or a combination of both, Canada manages to provide it all. We have picked 3 that we believe provide expats with the best way of life.

Toronto – Ontario

With its high showing in our study, it is no wonder we ranked it so high in this blog. The city is loved for the great work-life balance it encourages as well as the general happiness of its citizens. Toronto also manages to fuse together a mixture of environments for expats to enjoy. Ice cold winters make for stunning scenery and a dreamy white Christmas, whilst the hot summers create the perfect opportunity for plenty of outdoor activity.

There are lots of landmarks that adorn the Toronto skyline as well as a host of beautiful natural parks (1500 of them). The population of just under 6 million thriving in a truly multicultural environment that embraces Italian, Chinese and Spanish backgrounds among others.

Job-wise, in Toronto there is currently demand for teachers, research scientists and nurses.

Vancouver – British Columbia

Vancouver is home to just over half a million British expats making it one of the most popular Canadian cities for expats to live in.

Predominantly a business hub, it offers a wide range of job prospects, especially for those in the financial sector.

Much like Toronto, Vancouver has fully embraced a multi-cultural population. Thanks to its large Chinese population it enjoys a vibrant Chinese New Year full of festivals and events. German, Punjabi and Taiwanese also contribute to the cultural mix, enabling the city to have much to offer residents and tourists.

An extremely low crime rate, home to some of the best schools in the country and boasting fantastic healthcare – it is not hard to fault Vancouver.

Montreal – Quebec

Montreal is our last entry and for some, it is a case of saving the best until last. This is largely in part to the fact that Montreal can offer a combination of job prospects, low crime and cheaper accommodation.

With a climate that brings exceptionally cold winters and comfortably warm summers, Montreal allows for the best of both worlds weather-wise. Residents benefit from a strong education system as well as free healthcare and an incredible public transport system.

It has a large French population with the highest number of expats moving from France. French is in fact the prime language in Montreal. So much so that to work in Montreal, French proficiency must be proven. Once proven, the job prospects open greatly.

With a uniqueness that makes it not Canada but still Canada, Montreal has much to offer and is a city proud of its history but equally its development. If you’re wanting to visit Canada and explore the beautiful landscapes by car, a recommendation would be to get Canada car hire excess insurance to safeguard your travels should anything happen during your travels.

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