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saudi arabia Expat News

Saudi Arabia Bans Expats from Certain Jobs

Expats in Saudi Arabia have been the target of government interest since early 2017. With women finally being granted to right to drive in the country, on the surface, it had appeared that positive changes were being made. However, the new year has brought more bad news for Saudi expats as they are now barred from working in 12 sectors. In early 2018 the Ministry of Labour and Social Development announced that expatriates would not be able to take employment in certain ... Read more

Expats Quit Jobs and Leave Saudi Arabia

It seems that Saudi Arabia is constantly in the expat news as of late. Since May 2017, we have kept you abreast of the latest happenings in the Gulf State. Whilst the year started in a promising fashion for the country with the introduction of a green card for expatriates and the start of what seemed like a promising initiative in Saudi Vision 2030, it has been downhill from there. With the abolishment of tax-free living, restrictions on the US-style green card ... Read more

Women Finally Granted Right to Drive in Saudi Arabia

On September 26th 2017, Saudi Arabia finally granted its female citizens the right to drive. Whilst women were not banned from getting behind the wheel, Saudi law required citizens to use a locally issued license whilst in the country. Funnily enough, these licenses could not be issued to women. Therefore, it was effectively illegal for women to drive. This latest move in the Kingdom is part of an ongoing political shakeup which has so far seen an abolishment of tax-free living and ... Read more

Where Can Expats Get the Best Salary Increases?

A study published by HSBC analysed the economic ranking of countries worldwide. The research studied different areas of expat life in this niche, from personal finances to career progression, and strength of the local economy. For expats wanting a substantial salary increase, head to Switzerland. The country is home to many pharmaceuticals companies, private banks and commodity traders and wages average at £144,151 per year. This is a 54% salary increase for most expats compared to if they had stayed at home. However, ... Read more

Saudi Expat ‘Violators’ Face High Fines and Prison Sentences

After only reporting on cancelled visas and family tax chaos back in July, this month is set for more expat disruption in Saudi Arabia. However, this time, it appears the penalties could be warranted. It is reported that those working illegally or violating the Kingdom’s labour laws will be punished. So far, the list of reprimands includes deportation, large fines and up to six months in jail. Saudi Arabia’ General Directorate of Passports has expressed that expats would face the penalties come the ... Read more

Saudi Family Tax Causes Chaos and Cancelled Visas

Much like the uncertainty of Brexit, expats in Saudi Arabia are struggling with another issue. Over the months we have reported on the restrictions of the proposed Saudi green card and the termination of employment contracts of expat employees. Foreigners in the Kingdom already feel as if their futures and lives are hanging in the balance and the newly introduced family tax is only adding fuel to the fire. Expats living in Saudi Arabia are up in arms as the online portal ... Read more

All Expats to Be Fired from Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Last month we reported that Saudi Arabia’s new green card policy was going to be for ‘investors and the scientifically skilled’ only. Just a matter of weeks later and the country’s Ministry of Civil Service has announced that all government departments must terminate contracts of expat employees within three years. This means foreigners working in public sectors such as education, police, public transit and health care will all find themselves unemployed. Civil Services Minister Abdullah Al-Melfi announced the news during a meeting ... Read more

New Saudi Green Card for ‘Investors and Scientifically Skilled’ Only

Back in May 2016, we reported that expats in Saudia Arabia would benefit from the nation’s economic shake-up. We revealed that the country planned to introduce a US-style green card system within the next five years. It is part of the Saudi Vision 2030 government initiative. Essentially, the country wants to move away from its reliance on cheap oil production, which is currently accounting for 75% of the nation’s GDP. It was believed that by offering expats the card and improving their ... Read more

The Best Countries in the World for Working Women

The World Economic Forum has revealed the best countries in the world for women in their latest Global Gender Gap report. However, unlike most studies which measure the baseline quality of living, this report has a focus upon gender disparity. The report analyses the economies of 144 countries in relation to the female workforce with a focus upon politics, education, health, and economy. The 2016 report is an excellent resource to explore the lives of women in different countries and distinguish which ... Read more

Saudi Arabia Demolishes Tax-Free Living

Those living in the Middle East have always revelled in their tax-free living. The Saudi royal family have made it no secret that they have used the country’s immense wealth (from oil) to lavish benefits on its citizens. From free education and healthcare, to generous energy subsidies and well-paid government jobs, life in the Middle East is championed. However, this perfect bubble will soon be a distant memory, as value-added tax is forced upon Saudi Arabia as oil revenues nose-dive. Back in ... Read more
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