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The Pros and Cons of Being an Expat in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Moving abroad is an exciting concept and there are so many reasons to consider taking the step to live in a new country. However, there are many things to consider, including finances, accommodation, healthcare, safety and more. Before making the life-changing move it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons to ensure you will benefit from moving abroad. If you’re debating moving to Saudi Arabia here are some things you might want to consider. The capital, Riyadh is a thriving economic hub ... Read more

The Best Jobs in the Middle East for Expats

The Middle East has always been championed as a paradise for those who want to work hard and live a luxurious lifestyle. The number of expats in the UAE is high, with 88.5% of the population hailing from overseas. The Middle East as a whole has always been a first-choice location for many people wanting to work abroad and with foreign investment increasing across the nation, as well as the Dubai Expo 2020 and the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, ... Read more

Will Saudi Arabia Review Expat Fees?

Since the recent introduction of expat worker fees in Saudi Arabia, the country has seen a steep rise in foreigner workers leaving the country. The two types of fees introduced included charges for each familial dependents of expat workers which were implemented in July 2017 and has continued to increase in price since this time. More recently, in January 2018 another fee was introduced which requires businesses to pay out for employing foreign workers. Why Expat Charges were Introduced? The primary driver for these ... Read more

New System for Expat Engineers Wishing to Work in Saudi

Saudi Arabia has recently introduced new and more stringent regulations for hiring expat engineers. Expats looking to work in the Saudi engineering industry will now need to register with the Saudi Engineers Organisation via their new online accreditation platform, prior to their arrival. The new system has been implemented by the Saudi Engineers Authority in collaboration with the Saudi Arabian government and follows the decisions back in January and July 2018 to no longer allow the recruitment of foreign engineers with less ... Read more

Expatriates Leaving Saudi Arabia Continue to Rise

The number of expatriates leaving Saudi Arabia is expected to continuously increase following recent changes to the countries economic focus. As Saudi Arabia attempt to change their economy so that it is no longer entirely reliant on oil, it is starting to face some backlash in the form of people returning to their home countries. Thousands of expatriates are leaving every month and are not being replaced; leaving a huge workforce gap in many companies. The Middle Eastern nation has been seeing a ... Read more

Saudi Princess Campaigns for Expat Integration

The Saudi Arabi government have certainly been changing things for expats over the past two years as a result of their Saudi Vision 2030 plans. However, Princess Reema bint Bandar al Saud believes that the key to enhancing the prosperity of Saudi Arabia following its departure from a reliance on oil to the evoke cultural exchange between Saudi nationals and expats. More and more foreign investment is occurring in Saudi Arabia and, with this, relationships between Saudi citizens and expats need to ... Read more

Saudi Arabia’s Expat Levy Problem

If you have kept up with all of our coverage of Saudi Arabia’s expat news, you will be aware that the Gulf state introduced an expat family tax as part of a series of financial reforms set to wean the Kingdom off of its financial reliance on oil. However, some financial experts are warning Saudi Arabia that its expat measures may cause the opposite effect of what they intended. Once famed for its lack of levies, Saudi Arabia demolished tax-free living back ... Read more

Saudi Arabia Bans Expats from Certain Jobs

Expats in Saudi Arabia have been the target of government interest since early 2017. With women finally being granted to right to drive in the country, on the surface, it had appeared that positive changes were being made. However, the new year has brought more bad news for Saudi expats as they are now barred from working in 12 sectors. In early 2018 the Ministry of Labour and Social Development announced that expatriates would not be able to take employment in certain ... Read more

Expats Quit Jobs and Leave Saudi Arabia

It seems that Saudi Arabia is constantly in the expat news as of late. Since May 2017, we have kept you abreast of the latest happenings in the Gulf State. Whilst the year started in a promising fashion for the country with the introduction of a green card for expatriates and the start of what seemed like a promising initiative in Saudi Vision 2030, it has been downhill from there. With the abolishment of tax-free living, restrictions on the US-style green card ... Read more

Women Finally Granted Right to Drive in Saudi Arabia

On September 26th 2017, Saudi Arabia finally granted its female citizens the right to drive. Whilst women were not banned from getting behind the wheel, Saudi law required citizens to use a locally issued license whilst in the country. Funnily enough, these licenses could not be issued to women. Therefore, it was effectively illegal for women to drive. This latest move in the Kingdom is part of an ongoing political shakeup which has so far seen an abolishment of tax-free living and ... Read more
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