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Why is Oman the Safest Country for Expats

Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world and it’s regarded as one of the more traditional countries in the Gulf region. The country is home to a range of marvelous natural wonders and architectural beauty. This country covered with stunning Mosques and museums but it also boasts incredible beaches and desert regions with plentiful wildlife and dunes. This isn’t all this country is known for, last year Oman was ranked as the world’s safest country for expats to live and ... Read more

How to Obtain Omani Citizenship

Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world, sharing borders with the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Oman has Bedouin traditions and holds it with a sense of identity and pride. The country has a brilliant economy due to its oil wealth, which has developed at a great speed over the years. Oman’s beautiful country has vast exploring opportunities for locals, expats and travellers alike; find its stunning desert, fishing towns, breath-taking mountains and striking coastlines. At the ... Read more

The Best Jobs in the Middle East for Expats

The Middle East has always been championed as a paradise for those who want to work hard and live a luxurious lifestyle. The number of expats in the UAE is high, with 88.5% of the population hailing from overseas. The Middle East as a whole has always been a first-choice location for many people wanting to work abroad and with foreign investment increasing across the nation, as well as the Dubai Expo 2020 and the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, ... Read more

Oman are Dedicated to Protecting Expat Workers

Oman’s Ministry of Manpower vision is to regulate and stabilise the labour market with qualified manpower who actively contribute to supporting the country’s economy. Part of their mandate is looking after the welfare of expat workers in Oman. Recently, the Omani press has revealed that the Ministry of Manpower has introduced new regulations to help protect the rights of expat workers. The new guidelines are said to protect expats who receive no objection certificates from being reported as absconders by their employers. ... Read more

Oman Extends Expat Visa Ban

The Omani government has officially announced that it will be extending the ban on hiring expats in multiple work sectors for a further six months. While the decision has not come as part of a blanket policy the visa ban will still cover 87 different specialist working industries including engineering, insurance, and medicine. This freeze on expat recruitment is part of an attempt to combat growing unemployment rates among Omani citizens. Hopes are that Oman will soon be able to train its own ... Read more

Expats in Oman Could Be Hit By Benefit Cuts

Like many countries who rely on oil as the backbone of their economy, Oman’s finances are under increasing pressure. According to the Times of Oman the country’s budget deficit currently sits at a crippling OMR 3.5bn, something that the government is understandably keen to reduce. This is equivalent to a 15% overspend last year, which is expected to grow further in 2016. Over recent months the Omani government has, like so many others, been going through a painful process of belt-tightening. Looking for ever more ... Read more

Oman Begins Charging Companies for Expat Visas

Oman has a big problem at present; a considerable budget deficit which seems to be growing progressively larger. Like any other well-run government, policy-makers in Oman have begun to look for solutions to reduce this unfortunate set of circumstances, especially as oil revenues continue to underperform. One strategy being used in Oman is changing how expat worker visas are being processed. In the past companies could simply apply for visa on behalf of overseas staff and receive these free-of-charge. Of course there are ... Read more

Expat Workers in Oman to Be Denied Re-Entry for 2 Years

The Gulf States have long maintained a series of policies to help them police and control the large numbers of expat workers flooding into the country. For example, it is perfectly normal for expat workers who leave the employment of one company to be forced to leave the country before re-applying for another position. Only those in gainful employment are permitted. Whilst in the past this was a major inconvenience for many expat workers, a recent change to the law promises to make ... Read more

Expats Fined in Oman for Lift Sharing

It’s a fact of life that many of us are becoming ever more aware of the environment, and the impacts that our road travel has on it. To this end many people enjoy the practical and environmental benefits of taking public transport when appropriate. Still others “lift share”, driving together in groups when all parties are heading for the same destination. Likewise, expats in Oman are not immune to this “lift sharing” philosophy, which can not only save passengers money but also make travelling ... Read more

Expats in Oman Are Warned of Fake Police Officers

The vast majority of expats are law-abiding citizens, working hard to fit into their adopted country. If faced by a police officer demanding to see their papers most will, for obvious reasons, happily comply. The last thing that a hard-working expat in an unfamiliar country wants is unnecessary trouble with local law enforcers. Such things can quickly spiral out of control. However it is this very nature of the law-abiding expat, plus the difficulty in identifying police officers in some countries, that some unscrupulous ... Read more
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