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UAE Expat News

How to Secure a Job in the UAE

The UAE is a global financial and trade hub, offering countless employment opportunities. Many blue-chip companies have headquarters in the UAE and, along with the luxurious lifestyle many Emiratis live, make it a very popular destination for global job seekers. However, how can expats ensure success in a competitive market? Apply or Visit at the Right Time of Year Throughout the UAE, the job market is very seasonable, and this isn’t just due to spells of extremely hot weather. The United Arab Emirates is ... Read more

Undesirable Expat Countries Take Spotlight in World Rankings

For the past three years, expat network InterNations have released Expat Insider. It is one of the largest expat surveys in the world and encapsulates the analysis of expat life in over 60 countries. In the most recent 2016 study, the survey received 14,000 respondents from 191 countries or territories who were happy to comment on their lives abroad. The 14,000 respondents were asked to rate several elements of their lives abroad, from health and personal happiness, to leisure options and quality ... Read more

UAE is Championed by Expats for Safety and Security

New research conducted by global money transfer company, Xpress Money, revealed that 86% of expats are proud to call the UAE their home. Those surveyed expressed that the country offered a great quality of life, good job opportunities, and a great sense of safety and security. The information garnered was in light of a countrywide expat survey conducted by Xpress Money to mark the 45th UAE National Day. Interestingly, 38% of respondents considered the UAE to be their home despite not always living ... Read more

Where Are Brits Moving To In 2016?

In a new global migration report, conducted by MoveHub, the UK had the highest rate of professionals leaving the country of the 30 destinations analysed. The report collated data from 180,000 pre-move inquiries and research revealed that three in ten Brits were leaving the UK in search for a better quality of life, and 54% were seeking sunnier climes. Australia is certainly the place for those in search of sunshine, with temperatures averaging 30 degrees in the summer months. 13% of Brits ... Read more

58% of expats in the UAE feel unintegrated with Emiratis

According to a Survey conducted in 2015 by networking organisation InternNations, only 42% of expats polled in the UAE feel integrated with local people, compared to the global average of 61%. From a British standpoint, sadly the stereotype of stiff upper lips and unapproachable frowns has yet to be changed but does the blame lie solely with expats? The reality is that many of those who move to Middle Eastern countries are stuck in an expat bubble: friendship groups are made up ... Read more

Pool of opportunities for career minded women in UAE and Qatar

Qatar and the UAE have been ranked two of the best countries in the world for business orientated women to thrive, according to recently released data from the HSBC Expat Explorer survey. Nearly 10,000 expat women from 25 countries participated in the survey, with 58% from the UAE being the highest globally to highlight that financial benefits and career progression were highly important in their decision to move to the Middle East. With complaints of male dominated workplaces and lack of career progression ... Read more

Relaxed UAE Labour Rules Could Benefit Expats

While many Middle Eastern countries are busy progressively tightening up their labour laws to make it ever more difficult for expat workers to migrate to their countries, the UAE seems to be doing the complete opposite. We reported recently, for example, that Saudi Arabia is considering new rules to gently reduce the number of expats working there, while Oman has now put in place a ban on returning workers for two years. In contrast, the UAE could potentially benefit from these estranged workers ... Read more

Expat Walks 600 Miles to Show His Love for UAE

All too often the news from the expat community is bad; many expats, especially less skilled migrants, are often viewed with suspicion. Concerns are voiced about expats taking jobs from locals. Healthcare systems and public transport officers claim to be suffering under the strain. Nimbyism persists. But not all stories end like this. Every once in a while expats are applauded for their selfless attitudes, and are held up as an example to the rest of us. Mohammed Idris Malek is one such expat recently ... Read more

Christmas Carol Helps Expats Understand UAE Culture

Let’s be honest; for many of us, Christmas is the one time of year that many of us let our hair down. From the classic office Christmas party, to mulled wine and eggnog, through to the questionable merits of mistletoe, if we’re going to misbehave then it’ll most likely be during the festive season. This is all well and good when others are behaving the same way. In the UK and the USA, for example, a little merriment at Christmas is almost expected. ... Read more

13 Websites That Make Moving to Dubai a Breeze

Moving abroad as an expat is one of the most exciting – yet nerve-racking – things that any of us do. According to statistics just moving house within your home country is rated as more stressful than getting divorced or being made redundant. Just imagine how that stress can multiply when moving half way round the world. Yet every day more and more of us willingly choose to become expats; whether that’s to further our careers, to follow a loved one or just ... Read more
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