Better housing benefits for expats moving to the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is an exciting place to move to. It
offers people a high quality of life and is always booming. Although the laws
and customs are rather strict and can take some time getting used to, it is a
nation that is widely made up by expatriates. English is commonly spoken and
job opportunities are abundant. In fact, expats make up around 90% of the UAE
and are employed on all levels of work. However, it is a country
where the cost of living can be quite expensive.

Expats have to be tested for HIV and AIDS as well as
tuberculosis before being granted permission for entry. Most expats will be
prevented from using the public health service without some kind of travel
insurance although the quality of care is generally high.

Recently, property prices have come under scrutiny and homes
have become increasingly difficult to purchase. This is deterring expats from
moving to the country despite the great work opportunities. But now expats
working in the United Arab Emirates are likely so see an increase in housing
allowances later in the year. Companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are planning to
increase housing allowances in the next few months. It has been expected
that an estimated nine out of ten expats working in the country will benefit
from the increased payment in response to the rising rent prices.

Rents in Dubai have been steadily increasing resulting in housing
allowances taking some time to catch up. This in turn is making it difficult
for companies in the UAE to recruit and retain expats that have the required
skills for the job in question and there is also added pressure to provide more

This is a common problem shared by companies and businesses
all over the world. Better packages for expats are being offered to compete
with neighbouring countries. With this particular package, expats can save a
lot of money which they can then put towards expat health insurance and other

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