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The Pros and Cons of Expat Life in France

France is a country full of history, culture, cuisine and couture. It is a nation that for many, evokes visions of stunning countryside, incredible cityscapes, and vintage wines. These, among with many other factors, are why France is one of the leading choices for those looking to start a life abroad. Our recent study into the best cities in the world for mental wellbeing saw Paris ranking 20th. Its healthcare, fitness facilities happiness of residents and quality of sleep all fared exceptionally ... Read more

The Most Romantic Travel Destinations in the World

Whilst travelling solo can be quite an adventure, there is something special about travelling with a partner. Exploring cities, discovering beautiful spots to relax in, and eating tasty local delicacies can all be improved when you can experience them with a loved one. You can make any travel destination romantic when you’re travelling with your partner. But if you want to find an extra special location for a romantic getaway, these are the most romantic travel destinations in the world. Paris, France Of course, ... Read more

The Best Christmas Markets in Europe

With charming cobblestone streets and snowy weather, there are many places across Europe that offer some wonderful Christmas markets. Whilst all promise to provide some festive cheer, you’ll also find local delicacies and artisan crafts to purchase, which you can choose to give to your loved ones for a Christmas present or keep for yourself! With so many Christmas markets across Europe, it can be difficult to know where to start. We looked into the best Christmas markets in Europe. Cologne, Germany Cologne is ... Read more

The Challenges of Being an Expat in Paris

Moving to Paris can bring huge benefits. The French capital is a city full of culture, amazing cuisine, and great healthcare for expats. Around 22,000 foreigners currently live in Paris, and it’s not hard to see why so many expats want to call Paris their home. But as with any new city, living in Paris can also bring challenges to expats. Language Barrier English is widely spoken in France, and if you visit as a tourist, you’ll find that you can get around ... Read more

7 Underrated Cities in France

France is well known for its glamourous cities and rich history. Whether you visit the northern region or the sunnier southern area, France can offer tourists beautiful architecture, amazing cuisine and plenty of culture. Below are some of the most underrated cities in France which you should visit. Lyon Lyon is France’s second-largest city but often goes under the radar for visitors. It is one of France’s oldest cities and is known as the gourmet capital of France. It has many UNESCO World ... Read more

Are British expats seeking permanent residency in other countries because of Brexit?

The answer is, yes. A survey has concluded that 34% of British expats are already planning on saying goodbye to their home country due to Britain’s looming EU exit. After moving abroad over a third of British Expats have said they are already in the process of or are planning to seek citizenship or permanent residency in another country because of Brexit. In addition to this over half of British citizens that are currently living elsewhere are worried about their citizenship rights ... Read more

Where Should Expats be Moving in 2019?

Expat exodus The UK sees approximately one in ten of its population taking the plunge, upping sticks, and moving overseas. Driven by work opportunities, sunnier climes and different lifestyle prospects, expats are continuing to make their homes across the globe; but just where do we Brits decide to settle abroad, what are the top destinations, and where should expats be moving in 2019? Important considerations There are so many factors to take into consideration when deciding on the right destination to make your new ... Read more

What Do Different Colours Mean in Different Countries?

It is no secret that colours are emotive. They can affect the way we feel, they can heal, and they can bring joy. They can remind us of a time of year, a certain place or a distant memory. Around the world different countries, cultures and groups of people associate colours differently. What could be a positive colour for some could be a sign of something sinister for others. Colour associations vary from country to country. Take a peep below to understand ... Read more

10 Best Experiences for Adrenaline Junkie Travellers

For thrill seekers, the average holiday package is simply not enough. There lies within a deep yearning for adventure, a void that has to be filled! The challenge to live life to the full is something that many dream about, yet seldom accomplish. But for those of you ready to summon that guttural courage, there is a whole world of exciting and adrenaline filled opportunities awaiting you. You just need to know where to look for them. Behold only the very best adrenaline ... Read more

No-Deal Brexit Could See Expats Lose Free Healthcare

With such uncertainty still surrounding Brexit, it remains difficult for British expats living in the EU to know for sure what the situation will be on Friday 29th March 2019.  Will there be a deal or won’t there? That’s really all any of us want to know. The situation is extremely concerning for UK citizens who have made EU countries such as Spain and France their home for many years. A number of British expats are pensioners that rely on NHS reimbursements ... Read more
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