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Poland Expat News

Is Poland a Contender as a Summer Holiday Destination?

When mulling over your summer holiday for this year we are sure that Poland won’t even enter your top five. Sadly, many people still view Poland as a war-torn Eastern Bloc country where the sun never shines and everyone is miserable. This simply isn’t true! The Krakow Post reported that the number of tourists in Poland had increased in 2018 compared to previous years. The top three countries for foreign tourists were Germany (1.3 million), the UK (366,000) and Ukraine (320,000). ... Read more

What Is Expat Life Really Like in Poland?

There is a large expatriate community of Polish citizens in the UK. Many younger Polish people head over to get a better grasp on the English language, benefit from better-paying jobs and become part of the UK’s growing Polish community. However, you very rarely hear of many people moving to Poland. Despite its beautiful architecture, amazing food, and welcoming locals, many still let visions of Auschwitz, people queuing for bread in the snow, and the Iron Curtain skew their opinion. However, opinions ... Read more

How Can Expats Get Their Children Immunised?

The World Health Organisation has reported a worrying increase of children with measles in Europe. Italy and Romania have seen the largest outbreaks and the WHO warns this is due to a drop in children being immunised. In January 2017 alone, Italy reported more than 200 cases of measles. Romania has reported 3,400 cases and 17 deaths since January 2016. Due to measles being highly contagious, the viral illness can spread between people and countries easily. For a country to be sufficiently ... Read more

8 Valuable Reasons Why You Should Visit Poland

Just over two hours by plane from the UK, and with flights as little as £30, why is Poland not at the top of our European destination holiday list? The eastern half of Europe is not on the radar for a lot of people. However, if you fancy a break from the likes of Paris, Amsterdam, and Vienna, discover the abundance of European charm, history, beautiful landscapes, and tasty cuisine of Poland. Unique Warsaw Those who have visited different areas of Poland often ... Read more
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