10 Best Experiences for Adrenaline Junkie Travellers

For thrill seekers, the average holiday package is simply not enough. There lies within a deep yearning for adventure, a void that has to be filled! The challenge to live life to the full is something that many dream about, yet seldom accomplish.

But for those of you ready to summon that guttural courage, there is a whole world of exciting and adrenaline filled opportunities awaiting you. You just need to know where to look for them.

Behold only the very best adrenaline rush activities from across the globe, which are sure to satisfy anyone with a hunger for excitement and perhaps even danger. Try if you dare!

Wingsuit flying

This extreme sport can take place almost anywhere with sufficient altitude. It’s a popular choice for those addicted to the exhilarating feeling of flying. It is an activity offering the purest form of freedom in the open air and perfect for daredevils, with flying speeds often reaching up to 140 mph!

Where you choose to do this activity will further add to the incredible experience. Thankfully, there are a wide range of countries and destinations offering wingsuit flying – France, Switzerland, New Zealand, USA and many more.

Swimming with Great White Sharks

Now this death defying adventure will be sure to ignite those feelings of pure terror inside you! If you’re also fascinated by these formidable creatures, then this is the adrenaline activity for you.

Available in a few locations – South Africa, Australia, Mexico, and New Zealand – you will be submerged underwater in a giant cage where you will come face to face with these fearsome predators.

Volcano Boarding

Nothing screams thrill seeker alert more than the opportunity to board down the side of an active volcano – forget the snowboarding, it’s time to heat things up!

This extreme boarder’s paradise is located in Nicaragua, South America and takes place on top of the active volcano, Cerro Negro, which last erupted in 1999. Let’s hope it’s not due for another eruption soon.

Crocodile Cage of Death

Travelling to Darwin, Australia provides the rare chance to get up close and personal with a 5 meter long salt water crocodile. With just a few inches of glass separating you from this prehistoric giant, you will have the unique opportunity to marvel at the sheer magnificence of such a creature.

A truly once in a lifetime experience – what are you waiting for!

Zero Gravity Flights

If you’ve ever been curious about what weightlessness feels like, you need wonder no more! Thanks to some super quick ascents and descents on board this special flight, passengers will go weightless without the need to go suborbital.

Available nowhere else on the planet, you will just need to travel to the USA for this awesome experience.

Stratosphere Sky Jump

Feel your heart pound in your chest and hear the scream escape from your mouth as you leap from a mere 829 feet in the air, hurtling at 40 mph towards the neo strip.

Of all the thrill seeking activities on offer, the Stratosphere sky jump in USA’s city of Las Vegas is definitely up there as one of the best. Plus this is Las Vegas so there is a whole host of exciting things to do whilst you are there too!

Active Volcano Bungee

If sliding down the slopes of Cerro Negro didn’t seem scary enough for you, perhaps you would prefer to jump head first into the bubbling lava lake at the centre of one instead?!

This has to be the most petrifying bungee experience of all time and those brave enough to take on the challenge, just need to head to Pucón in Chilé to achieve it.

Storm Chasing

If you are partial to enjoying a bit of extreme weather, you will be in your element chasing storms in the USA.

Typically tours take place in tornadoes hot spots – Texas, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma – and give those crazy enough to try it, the chance to view Mother Nature at its most destructive.

Swim with Killer Whales

If you thought having a cage between you and a deadly animal was a bit tame, you will certainly prefer this one.

Killer whale swimming expeditions take place in the icy waters of the Norwegian ocean and are a rare opportunity to swim alongside wild orcas – which, for the record are above Great Whites in the food chain!

World’s Fastest Zip Line

If you don’t fancy travelling too far, Zip World in Snowdonia, UK is home to the fastest zip line in the world, reaching speeds of 100 mph.

Suspended some 500 feet above Penrhyn Quarry, you will whoosh down the longest zip line in Europe, taking in the incredible scenery as you go.

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