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Your Guide to Exploring the Beautiful Norwegian Fjords

It’s hard to rival the beauty of the Norwegian Fjords. The perfectly carved out mountains are flooded with the bluest water and splattered with waterfalls and colourful cabins. If you’re venturing to Norway, exploring the renowned fjords is a must. There are more than 1000 fjords scattered around the country some of which are UNESCO protected and some that are more iconic than others. No matter which one you see there is nothing quite like discovering the unspoiled landscapes as you breathe ... Read more

10 Best Experiences for Adrenaline Junkie Travellers

For thrill seekers, the average holiday package is simply not enough. There lies within a deep yearning for adventure, a void that has to be filled! The challenge to live life to the full is something that many dream about, yet seldom accomplish. But for those of you ready to summon that guttural courage, there is a whole world of exciting and adrenaline filled opportunities awaiting you. You just need to know where to look for them. Behold only the very best adrenaline ... Read more

5 Destinations Suited to Eco Expats

The world is facing increasing environmental issues, now more than ever before. As such, it has become essential for action to be taken both at an international level and within local communities – Gandhi’s quote “be the change you wish to see in the world”, comes to mind. In the UK, we are encouraged to recycle, buy locally, use green energy and in general, we have the freedom to take the suggested actions to reduce our carbon footprint. However, in other countries ... Read more

5 Nature Lover Locations Out of the Ordinary

Although undeniably unique experiences, safaris in South Africa or kangaroo spotting in the Outback are pretty well known. Even if you haven’t jetted abroad to experience the wonder for yourself, depictions on TV and in magazines give you a pretty good idea of how amazing it is. However, did you know that there are locations around the world that are home to some of the lesser-known natural phenomenon? Here’s where you can see 5 of the world’s more secret animal exploits. Cocos Island, ... Read more

Exploring Norway’s Up-and-Coming Capital Oslo

Dwarfed by the trendy European cities of Copenhagen, Berlin and Paris, Norway’s capital city has been snubbed as Scandinavia’s most forgettable location. However, a cash injection over the past few years has helped pull the city away from its staid chains. Reinventing a city is difficult, but new architectural projects such as Oslo’s futuristic Opera House and the regeneration of Bjorvika with the Barcode Project has given Fjord City a contemporary edge. Run-down neighbourhoods have been given much needed TLC and there ... Read more

The 10 Safest Countries in the World for Expats

Unless you are being relocated to a specific country by an employer, the world really is your oyster. However, many potential expats focus on which country has the best weather, career opportunities, or low living costs and high salaries. What many forget to consider, though, is how safe a country is. Understandably, no right-minded individual is going to move to a country that is facing conflict or has a reputation for high crime levels. But, to help you out, we can ... Read more

The Best Countries in the World for Working Women

The World Economic Forum has revealed the best countries in the world for women in their latest Global Gender Gap report. However, unlike most studies which measure the baseline quality of living, this report has a focus upon gender disparity. The report analyses the economies of 144 countries in relation to the female workforce with a focus upon politics, education, health, and economy. The 2016 report is an excellent resource to explore the lives of women in different countries and distinguish which ... Read more

The Top 10 Most Prosperous Countries

The Legatum Institute, a London-based think tank, release their global Prosperity Index annually and the endless survey ranks the mos t prosperous countries in the world. Many assume prosperity is used in reference to the financial standing of a country and, while this is included, the Legatum Institute considers more factors in its ranking. The organisation compares 89 variables to distinguish the ranking, including traditional indicators such as per capita gross domestic products and the number of people in full-time work, to more ... Read more

Booking a Holiday? Here’s Where Your Money Will Go Furthest….

Thanks to global currency changes, visiting the same holiday destination as you did last year could cost you considerably more – or less – than it did in 2015. For example Sterling is worth less against the Euro than any time in the last year, meaning that European holidays are likely to cost you more. As a result its likely that trips, eating out and buying souvenirs are likely to cost you considerably more than last year. That is, of course, unless you've still got a ... Read more

Which Nations Are Most Prosperous?

Trying to ascertain the “best” country to live in can be problematic because of the number of factors that can be taken into account. As seasoned expats and world travellers will have discovered, each country has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some have stronger economies, others weaker. Some have a low cost of living while others don’t. How do you boil all those elements down into a workable figure, in order to decide which countries offer global wanderers the very best lifestyle? Fortunately ... Read more
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