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Israel Expat News

Why You Should Reconsider a Holiday to Israel

Often viewed as dangerous due to the recent political events that have manifested the region during recent years, many tourists miss out on witnessing some of the incredible sights that Israel has to offer. It is probably a reasonable statement to make that a country whose borders are constantly changing so much due to harsh competition from other nations must own something of value. The small stretch of land in the middle east, The Levant, contains a vast amount of rich history ... Read more

Jordan is the Ancient Voyage of a Lifetime

Today, you can find Jordan on any map, nestled between Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. However, before 1921, Jordan was not a recognised country and it was not until 1946 that it became independent from British ‘guidance’ and was allowed to stand on its own two feet. Despite Jordan having endured a turbulent 20th century, it would be foolish to the ignore the millennia of history that came before its inclusion on the global atlas. Some of the greatest empires to ... Read more

6 Unique Destinations for Daring Honeymooners

Over the years, certain locations in the world have fallen foul of the dreaded cliché honeymoon label. Paris, Hawaii and Venice are all beautiful destinations, but don’t you fancy something tailored to you as a couple? You’ve just married the love of your life and your post-wedding holiday spot should match up to this life-changing moment. If all goes to plan you won’t be doing this again. It's time to escape the cookie-cutter honeymoon ideal. Jerusalem, Israel Whatever your religious beliefs, there is a ... Read more
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