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How education differs around the world

Every country has a different approach to education and ideas of the best philosophy for schools and students can vary quite significantly across the globe. The history and culture of a place can play a huge part in what schooling means to them.  Although there are major differences in education around the world there are also similarities, which often show themselves in the shape of the school year and the amount of time that students are expected to attend school for. Here are ... Read more

Asia Dubbed Most Expensive Continent for Expats in 2018

A recent report from annual surveyor and the largest human resources consulting firm Mercer, revealed a report detailing the top 20 most expensive cities for expats. Asian cities dominated the list taking four spots in the top five and Hong Kong is sitting comfortably at the top. The list was accumulated by looking at a variety of different factors including transportation, property, food, clothes, everyday necessities and entertainment services. By evaluating these different areas of life the study was able to conclude ... Read more

22% of Travellers Feel “Guilty” About Taking Holiday

It’s no secret that many of us don’t take our full holiday entitlement each year. A number of studies have been published which reveal the shocking state of many peoples work/life balance, particularly in the West. The recurring theme is that many people don’t take their full holiday entitlement each year, essentially working “for free” for their employers, who are benefitting to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. However extra information on the theme has recently come to light thanks to the ... Read more
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