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Tanzania Expat News

Discovering the National Parks of Tanzania

Tanzania is a beautiful country, which is why you must seek to explore it. It is home to Africa’s most stunning and famous national parks, beaches and of course Mount Kilimanjaro. The national parks are home to various wildlife and gorgeous landscapes, which can be explored by safaris that let you get close to the animals’ habitat. Tanzania’s national parks primary role is conservation. The parks conserve the country’s natural heritage, whilst providing safety to the animals that inhabit them. Discovering ... Read more

5 Nature Lover Locations Out of the Ordinary

Although undeniably unique experiences, safaris in South Africa or kangaroo spotting in the Outback are pretty well known. Even if you haven’t jetted abroad to experience the wonder for yourself, depictions on TV and in magazines give you a pretty good idea of how amazing it is. However, did you know that there are locations around the world that are home to some of the lesser-known natural phenomenon? Here’s where you can see 5 of the world’s more secret animal exploits. Cocos Island, ... Read more
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