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The Most Romantic Travel Destinations in the World

Whilst travelling solo can be quite an adventure, there is something special about travelling with a partner. Exploring cities, discovering beautiful spots to relax in, and eating tasty local delicacies can all be improved when you can experience them with a loved one. You can make any travel destination romantic when you’re travelling with your partner. But if you want to find an extra special location for a romantic getaway, these are the most romantic travel destinations in the world. Paris, France Of course, ... Read more

The Cheapest Cities in the World for Students

Studying abroad can be an amazing experience, giving students the opportunity to experience another culture and meet new people, all whilst studying for their qualification. But living and studying overseas won’t be much fun if you struggle to pay rent or pay for day-to-day life. So, what cities in the world are more affordable for students? We looked at the QS Best Student Cities to find the five cheapest cities for students. We then delved deeper into each city to see what ... Read more

Five reasons Greece is such a popular holiday destination

Millions of tourists flock to Greece each year for their summer holiday and it’s not hard to see why. This stunning Mediterranean country pretty much has it all; delicious food, fabulous beaches, rich history and the list goes on. For a lot of people, it’s an ideal holiday destination. There are numerous reasons why Greece is such a popular place to travel but we know you haven’t got all day so here are just five of the main reasons this Balkan country ... Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Volunteering with Animals Abroad

For many animal lovers, the dream of a close encounter with their favourite animal is never far from their thoughts and for others the draw to make a difference in some way is close to their hearts. Whilst a visit to a zoo or helping out at your local rescue centre may be more accesible in the short term, the attraction to work with animals abroad remains an incomparable aspiration. Nowadays, this is a dream that is more attainable than many might ... Read more

The Best Places to Visit in Greece for First-Timers

Just like the Greek mosaics of the ancient empire, Greece is made up of different segments of beauty. The history of Athens, coastal destinations, sites of religious significance and gem-like islands all merge together to paint a picture of one of the most captivating countries on the planet. If you haven’t ever visited Greece before, never fear. Below, we give you a taste of some of the destinations incredible locations. Ancient Athens The majority of visitors to Greece will arrive in Athens, so ... Read more

Greek Citizens Consider Employment Abroad

The ramifications of the Greek government-debt crisis of 2009 is still affecting citizens of the country today. Triggers of the depression included the turmoil of the Great Recession, structural failings in the Greek economy, and a nosedive in confidence amongst lenders. Late in 2009, fears escalated in regards to Greece being able to meet its debt obligations due to revelations that previous data on government debt levels and deficits had been misreported by the Greek parliament. By 2012, Greece had the largest ... Read more

World Tourism Hotspots in Turmoil

Think back just a few months, to the heady days of “summer” 2015, and you may remember a number of world events which shook the tourism industry. For example we reported here about the Channel Tunnel being closed for several weeks thanks to industrial action, and the terrible tragedy that occurred on the beach in Tunisia. Worry over Greece’s financial outlook also led to many travellers cancelling plans for fear of what would happen if they left the Euro. Then there’s been the ... Read more

Top Expat Retirement Destinations Revealed

Increasingly over the last few decades more and more Brits have considered retiring to a foreign country. After a long career, working hard and carefully saving money for a long and enjoyable retirement, is it little wonder that so many of the over-50’s are considering a retirement destination with rather more reliable weather than the UK? Once famously nicknamed “Pudding Island” by author Gerald Durrell, an increasing number of those nearing retirement seem to prefer the idea of warm, sunny winters and beach-front ... Read more

Surprise Upturn in Tourism after Greek Financial Crisis

Switch on the news any time in the last few months and you’re virtually guaranteed to find at least one story about the Greek financial crisis. Whether the headline story was civil unrest in Athens, the rising unemployment or the vote to leave the Euro zone, the news from Greece this year has been almost exclusively negative. As summer holiday season is now upon us an increasing number of concerned holiday-makers have been wondering whether or not they should visit Greece, and ... Read more
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