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Turkey Expat News

Expats Set New Record in Turkish Elections

The number of expats who voted in the Turkish elections hit an all-time high as polls closed yesterday. YSK, The Turkish Supreme Election Council, announced the record-breaking figures after voting stations closed for expats in 51 different countries. Over 1.4million Turkish expats cast their ballot between June 7 to June 19, with over 48.78% of all Turkish citizens living abroad making the decision to vote. This is all part of Turkeys presidential and parliamentary elections which ends when the final vote is cast on ... Read more

Unveiling the Mystery Surrounding the World’s Lost Cities

The world is rich with historical cities echoing the ancient civilisations of times gone by. Machu Picchu, Pompeii, Petra, and Cairo are all coveted sites that offer outstanding insights into world’s that are so different from what we know today. However, there are also a handful of locations in the world that have been forgotten, due to natural disaster, sieges, and economic and political downturn. Set aside some time to immerse yourself in some of the world’s lost cities. The Gedi Ruins, ... Read more

6 Unique Destinations for Daring Honeymooners

Over the years, certain locations in the world have fallen foul of the dreaded cliché honeymoon label. Paris, Hawaii and Venice are all beautiful destinations, but don’t you fancy something tailored to you as a couple? You’ve just married the love of your life and your post-wedding holiday spot should match up to this life-changing moment. If all goes to plan you won’t be doing this again. It's time to escape the cookie-cutter honeymoon ideal. Jerusalem, Israel Whatever your religious beliefs, there is a ... Read more

World Tourism Hotspots in Turmoil

Think back just a few months, to the heady days of “summer” 2015, and you may remember a number of world events which shook the tourism industry. For example we reported here about the Channel Tunnel being closed for several weeks thanks to industrial action, and the terrible tragedy that occurred on the beach in Tunisia. Worry over Greece’s financial outlook also led to many travellers cancelling plans for fear of what would happen if they left the Euro. Then there’s been the ... Read more

Top Expat Retirement Destinations Revealed

Increasingly over the last few decades more and more Brits have considered retiring to a foreign country. After a long career, working hard and carefully saving money for a long and enjoyable retirement, is it little wonder that so many of the over-50’s are considering a retirement destination with rather more reliable weather than the UK? Once famously nicknamed “Pudding Island” by author Gerald Durrell, an increasing number of those nearing retirement seem to prefer the idea of warm, sunny winters and beach-front ... Read more

Cheap Holidays: Where Will Your Money Go Furthest?

Finding the best possible deal on your next holiday has become something of a national obsession. Numerous websites now exist to help us compare and contrast hotels, flights, package deals and more – aiming to help you find the holiday of your dreams for less. One factor that perhaps isn’t considered quite as readily – yet can still save you a lot of money – is the currency in your chosen destination. The reality is that very few of us go abroad ... Read more

Tourism in Turkey Suffering After Terrorist Threats

Turkey has long been a popular tourist destination, welcoming over 40 million visitors last year alone. Notably popular with Germans, Russians and Brits, Turkey offers almost guaranteed Mediterranean sunshine but without the excessive costs of resorts in competing countries. Culturally Turkey is also a very interesting destination, represented the junction between the largely Christian west and the Muslim east. Indeed, Istanbul is the only capital city located on two different continents; Europe and Asia. Now, though, the honeymoon period for Turkish tourism could ... Read more
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