Which Country Has the Cheapest Netflix?

Netflix is available in over 190 countries across the world and has around 209 million subscribers. Whilst it’s popularity can vary from country to country, it is no doubt a global giant in streaming.

Netflix has recently changed and adapted its pricing structure, adding additional cheaper levels and also raising prices. This has caused some people to consider their Netflix subscription – there is now a greater choice of streamers than ever before, so people aren’t restricted to just one or two.

So, in the midst of rising prices, we’ve investigated which country has the cheapest Netflix. Using research from Statista for monthly prices and Comparitech for library size, we look at the cheapest monthly cost and also the best value for money, looking at the cost per title.


Argentina has the cheapest Netflix in the world, priced at $4.67 per month for the standard plan. Not only is this cheapest in monetary value, it’s also the cheapest cost in relation to the average annual salary, at 0.5%.

The Argentina Netflix library holds around 6,350 items – in contrast, the UK library holds around 7,599 items. Even so, the Argentina plan works out to around $0.00073 per title per month, so is arguably good value.

Whilst some people might see Argentina’s cheap Netflix price as a good thing, it’s actually due to the fact that the country’s economy is so volatile. Inflation fluctuates frequently and reached rates as high as 95% in 2022. Salaries can range from $31 per month to $566 per month.


Turkey has the second cheapest Netflix in the world, costing $4.75 per month. It’s also the second cheapest yearly cost in percentage of average income, at just 0.6%.

The Turkey Netflix library offers 5,871 items, which might sound low when compared to the UK or the USA’s 6,389 titles, but it’s close to the global average of 5,824. When looking at price per item, it costs $0.00080 for the standard plan.

Like Argentina, Turkey has also struggled with economic issues, with the local currency crashing after the government attempted to reduce interest rates to manage inflation. Salaries in Turkey range from an average of $102 per month to $1,814 per month.


Brazil has the third cheapest Netflix price in the world, costing $6.18 per month. The annual cost amounts to 0.8% of the average yearly salary.

Brazil has a sizeable Netflix library, offering 6,197 items. This works out to around $0.00099 cost per title – in contrast, the UK works out at around 0.00181 per title, so Brazil still looks to be good value.

Brazil has the second most Netflix subscribers in the world, at 17.86 million. Netflix has committed to bringing more Brazilian stories to the platform, in an effort to expand the market there further.


Colombia has the fourth cheapest Netflix price in the world, at $7.04 per month. The annual cost works out to around 1.3% of the average yearly salary in the country.

Colombia’s Netflix library is larger than the global average, holding around 6,054 titles. The cost per title amounts to 0.00116 for the standard plan.

Colombia is a middle-income country with a fairly good economy. However, it has faced struggles in recent years and unemployment hit 13%. Salaries can range from an average of $292 per month to $5,140 per month.


Peru has the fifth cheapest Netflix in the world, costing $8.49 per month. The yearly costs in Peru costs 1.55 of the average annual income.

Peru has a good size Netflix library, offering 6,011 titles. This means the cost per title for the standard plan amounts to 0.00141.

Peru is an upper middle-income country, with a good economy. However, it still faces issues such as poverty and inequality across the country. Salaries in Peru range from $499 per month to $9,061 per month.


India has the sixth cheapest Netflix in the world, costing $8.81 per month. It has a much larger yearly cost in percentage of average income out of all the countries on our list, at 5%.

India has a sizeable Netflix library, with 6,478 titles, working out to $0.00135 per title per month for the standard plan.

In India, it’s thought that having a Netflix subscription is a sign of privilege, as supported by the large percentage of annual income that a Netflix subscription costs. India is one of the lowest-ranking countries for take home income – salaries range from an average of $98 to $1,734 per month.

It’s also believed that local Indian competitors have a better offering than Netflix, in the pricing structure as well as the content provided. Netflix will have to amend its pricing as well as create more regional content to flourish in the country.  

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