The Best Health Insurance for Council Workers Working Abroad

It’s been reported that there have been over 1,000 requests approved for council employees to work overseas in the past year. Local councils have said that a focus on flexible working arrangements has been beneficial in staff recruitment and retention.

If you’re one of the many council workers who are looking to work abroad, you’ll need to find the right working abroad insurance, to ensure you’re covered while you’re overseas. But which is the best travel insurance when working abroad, and what should you be looking for? We answer all the most common questions below.

Do I need working abroad travel insurance as a council worker?

If you’re going to be working overseas, you need to ensure your health insurance policy covers you. Most standard international travel insurance policies are only valid for leisure trips, not business, so they won’t be sufficient if you plan to work.

If you choose a standard travel insurance policy and then have an accident while working, you probably won’t be covered. This would mean you could have to pay out of pocket for any medical expenses that arise, which could cost thousands.

Remember, depending on the country you’re going to and the length of time you’ll be there, you may also need a working visa. As a council worker, you may be eligible for a digital nomad visa in some locations, so this could be the best path for you to take. In some countries, a pre-requisite of digital nomad visas, and also other types of working visas, is that the individual has some sort of medical insurance, so you will still need to find working abroad travel insurance.

What’s included in working abroad travel insurance?

Working abroad travel insurance policies will vary depending on the level of cover you choose and the provider. Typically, travel insurance for working abroad will include:

  • Medical expenses, such as emergency care and hospital stays if you become ill or have an accident, plus travel back home if further care is needed
  • Trip cancellations
  • Loss of baggage
  • Loss of money and working equipment

Generally, working abroad travel insurance covers all the usual things of standard travel insurance, but it will also ensure your work factors, such as equipment or accidents related to work, will be covered too.

I’m only going to be going abroad for a short time to work – what’s the best business travel insurance for me?

Even if you’re only planning to work abroad for a few weeks, you’ll still need specific working abroad insurance. When you’re overseas on a short-term basis, business travel insurance will likely be your best option. This will be similar to your standard travel insurance, but with work-specific considerations in the policy.

At Expatriate Group, our business travel insurance policy is comprehensive and flexible. You can tailor what you need for your situation. Our basic travel insurance policy includes emergency medical evacuation, treatment for emergencies and accidents, and cover for cancellations and curtailment.

With our business travel insurance option, we’ll also include cover for your business equipment, such as your laptop, plus emergency courier of essential business equipment, so you can stay working.

I’m going abroad to work long-term – which is the best working abroad insurance for me?

If you’re planning to go abroad long-term, it may be more beneficial to choose working abroad health insurance. This type of health insurance is tailored to those who will be living abroad, such as expats. Even if you’re only planning to be abroad for one year, you might find this type of policy is best for you.

Working abroad health insurance from Expatriate Group means you’ll have instant cover and 24-hour support, with comprehensive protection and no out-of-pocket hospital expenses.

The difference between working abroad health insurance and business travel insurance is that working abroad health insurance means you’re covered for all your regular healthcare. So, you’ll be covered for diagnostic tests, such as CAT scans, if needed, as well as doctor consultations and prescription medications. We have varying levels of cover for our international health insurance, so you can choose what’s best for you.

Planning to work abroad?

Expatriate Group is an expert in providing healthcare cover for individuals who are living and working overseas. We’re sure to have the right policy to suit your needs, whether you’re planning to work abroad for just a few weeks or longer. Contact us for more information.

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