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5 Ways to Enjoy a Unique Dubai Experience

What was once a small fishing village is now a favoured destination for tourists, expats and businesses. Dubai has, in the 21st century, expanded at a phenomenal rate, with the number of British people now living there at 240,000. That alone is just under 10% of the Dubai population! Add in other nations enjoying the expat Dubai lifestyle and you’ll see a staggering 85% of the population have moved from their home country to enjoy the benefits of life in the ... Read more

The Best Jobs in the Middle East for Expats

The Middle East has always been championed as a paradise for those who want to work hard and live a luxurious lifestyle. The number of expats in the UAE is high, with 88.5% of the population hailing from overseas. The Middle East as a whole has always been a first-choice location for many people wanting to work abroad and with foreign investment increasing across the nation, as well as the Dubai Expo 2020 and the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, ... Read more

How to Avoid Jail in Dubai Part 2

Back in 2016, we gave you the 10 rules for avoiding jail time in Dubai. Given that a couple of years have passed, we thought it time that we clue all our new visitors up on the dos and don’ts of life in Dubai. With a high expat population and countless holiday makers heading to the Middle Eastern country daily it is important to be aware of and sensitive to Dubai’s unique culture. We also strongly recommend that you consider looking ... Read more

Growing Demand for British Expat Teachers

Despite what might be said by UK nationals, the British education system is held in high regard throughout the world. According to ISC Research, around 45 percent of International schools teaching the English language offer a British-based curriculum. Moreover, further ISC research shows that the number of International schools based on the British education system have grown from around 2500 in 2000, to almost 10,000 in 2018! Teacher recruitment crisis As a result, there is a growing demand for UK-trained teaches across the world. ... Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Dubai?

Dubai is portrayed as a millionaire’s playground and the potential for a lavish lifestyle is too much for some to resist. Evidently, a lot of people had the same idea as 80% of the country’s population of 2.5 million is made up of expats. Many assume that the cost of living in Dubai is significantly higher, but this is due to the super cars and penthouse apartments glamorised by the media. Compared to London, the cost of living in Dubai is actually ... Read more

10 Rules to Avoid Jail in Dubai

If you are considering travelling to the UAE, or moving there for work, it is best to keep some dos and don’ts in mind. Dubai is predominantly a Muslim country, and with this comes traditions and laws unlike other countries. To ensure a memorable stay in Dubai (for all the right reasons) the 10 rules below will help keep both Emirati nationals and travellers happy. What to wear in Dubai Like all countries within the UAE, Emiratis in Dubai dress conservatively or in ... Read more

13 Websites That Make Moving to Dubai a Breeze

Moving abroad as an expat is one of the most exciting – yet nerve-racking – things that any of us do. According to statistics just moving house within your home country is rated as more stressful than getting divorced or being made redundant. Just imagine how that stress can multiply when moving half way round the world. Yet every day more and more of us willingly choose to become expats; whether that’s to further our careers, to follow a loved one or just ... Read more

Dubai Offers Free Internet to All

We live in an ever-more connected society, where Internet and mobile phone access are considered basic necessities rather than the flashy luxuries they were just a few years ago. On the other hand, while 3G phone access (and increasingly 4G high-speed networks) are available in many towns and cities around the world, things can be rather different outside of these cultural hubs. Consider, if you will, the holiday-makers lying in the sun on the beach. Or the locals relaxing in the shade of ... Read more

Former expats remember old Dubai

Modern Dubai is both a thriving city and an expatriate hub, but before the skyscrapers were built and luxury tourists flocked to the destination, it was home to the forerunners of today's overseas workforce. Many of these first expats are now in their 60s and 70s, but hold fond memories of living in Dubai and experiencing it as it was. They formed a Facebook group entitled Dubai - The Good Old Days (DTGOD) in order to share reminiscences with others who were in ... Read more

Expat mother has child kidnap appeal in Dubai dismissed

A mother from Britain, who has been battling to clear her name for the kidnap of her own son, has had her appeal dismissed. Afsana Lachaux is trying to regain custody of four-year-old Louis after he was handed over to her ex-husband when she failed to attend a child access visit in the midst of the fight for custody. She was handed a one month sentence, suspended for a year in February, but has been trying to have the decision overturned ever since. Mrs ... Read more
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