New System for Expat Engineers Wishing to Work in Saudi

Saudi Arabia has recently introduced new and more stringent regulations for hiring expat engineers. Expats looking to work in the Saudi engineering industry will now need to register with the Saudi Engineers Organisation via their new online accreditation platform, prior to their arrival.

The new system has been implemented by the Saudi Engineers Authority in collaboration with the Saudi Arabian government and follows the decisions back in January and July 2018 to no longer allow the recruitment of foreign engineers with less than five years of experience and allowing the transfer of dependent expat engineering graduates.

The accreditation platform aims to facilitate the decision making process for work visa applications and entry into the country, to ensure applicants meet the requirements.

It will assess those who do not have the skills or qualifications in one of the approved Saudi engineering disciplines and applicants must meet the minimum level of five years industry experience, in order to apply.

The decisions appear to be born out of a substantial rise in industry errors and mistakes leading to significant financial implications.  It is hoped that the implementation of the new system will support the prevention of such engineering violations being experienced in companies.

By ensuring the presence of only qualified overseas engineers, they anticipate greater opportunities for Saudi engineers, reduction in cost to the government and private sectors and the potential to significantly reduce the level of mistakes currently being experienced in engineering projects.

To ensure expat engineers are suitably qualified, they will also be required to undertake professional tests and attend an official interview.

Overall, the main intention is to prevent the entry of non-accredited engineers.

The system is straightforward and can be accessed online via e-registration. However, a fee is chargeable, in order to become a temporary member.

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