The 10 Best Countries in the World for Career Women

2018 marks 100 years since women in the UK were given the right to vote. Despite equality efforts worldwide since the years of the Suffragettes there are countries where women are still struggling in a patriarchal society. For example, it was only in September of last year that women in Saudi Arabia were permitted to drive.

Securing a job as an expat if you have not been relocated by an employer isn’t always an easy road. However, it can be especially hard for women in some countries where workplaces are male dominated. Fortunately, expat community InterNations have ranked the best countries in the world for career women based upon salary, career satisfaction, working hours, and other benefits.

Their latest Expat Insider survey interviewed 7,000 female expats living in 168 countries. Of those asked, 51% are satisfied with their career opportunities. So, where are the best countries?


67% of expat women in Mexico are satisfied with their current job, with employees pointing out that Mexico’s acceptance of expats makes things much easier. Despite this positivity, the average working week is 45 hours, which some women find difficult to deal with. However, over two thirds of women asked are happy with career satisfaction in Mexico.


Formerly Burma, Myanmar is celebrated by female expats for its high salary in comparison to the cost of living. 39% of women asked stated that their household income covers everything they need easily, leading to 70% being happy with their jobs. Like Mexico the working week can feel long, at an average of 45.5 hours.


Expats living in Cambodia enjoy the constant development offered by employers and the chance to try different aspects of different jobs. Working hours in Cambodia fall around 42 hours and 82% of those asked are happy with their jobs and three quarters felt safe and secure in their current roles/


93% of expat women in Bahrain work full time and the average working week is 40.9 hours – the lowest of all countries featured in the study! This means the work life balance is praised, with 77% of those asked satisfied by their free time.

New Zealand

With an average working week of 41.8 hours it is no surprise that 74% of female expats are highly satisfied with their work-life balance, and 76% are happy with their job in general. 71% of workers also feel a strong sense of job security in their roles.

New Zealand is also a fantastic location for career women who want to work part time, with 34% of respondents stating this is their schedule.


Expats from all over the world are heading to Kazakhstan to secure jobs that they wouldn’t necessarily land at home due to high levels of competition. In the country many female expats feel valued as professionals and 53% of all women living in the country moved their purely for employment opportunities. 67% of workers are satisfied with their jobs despite a 45 hour working week.


Expat women in the UK enjoy the wide variety of roles available and 67% are satisfied by their current career paths. Weekly working hours are a pleasing at an average 41.1 hours. However, 80% of those interviewed stated they earnt under £55,000 per annum which isn’t enough to live on in some expat’s eyes.


Like the UK, expats are thrilled with the career opportunities presented to women in America. 16% of expat women in the country stated they earnt over £100,000 and 64% are happy with their career. However, only 52% of respondents were satisfied by the average length of a working week, 43 hours, despite this being low compared to other featured countries.


The country of Kenya is home to the highest number of female expats there were sent abroad by their employer, at around 20%. Many women in the country are earning over £100,000 and this is a big draw for expats. Whilst 60% are happy with their jobs, only 48% feel job security and working hours are high at 46.4 on average.


Last on our list is Ireland. Expats interviewed state that finding a job in Ireland is relatively straight forward and there is an abundance of opportunities in the healthcare sector. The average working week is 41 hours, resulting in 69% of expat women being happy with their work-life balance.

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