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Moving Abroad

How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship

Canada is a spectacular mix of imposing mountains, undisturbed lakes, vibrant cities and delicious maple syrup. It also has a strong employment market, high-quality healthcare system, excellent education and a low crime rate. There’s no surprise that so many people want to move to the beloved country. However, becoming a Canadian citizen isn’t easy. You first need to go through several steps like learning about the Canadian history, values, institutions and symbols of the country, before you can officially call the country ... Read more

British Expats: How to Vote in The Next General Election

In an attempt to break the Brexit deadlock, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called a general election. Voters will cast their ballots on the 12th December after MP’s supported a pre-Christmas election. If you’re a British National living as an expatriate in the European Union, you are probably wondering if you can vote in the general election which will be held on December 12th. The answer is yes. All Brits living in the EU can register to vote. Here’s how you can ... Read more

Nightmarish Expat Destinations from Around the World

Are you thinking of moving abroad? Being an expat is an exciting prospect as it gives you the opportunity to explore a new environment, new culture and start a new chapter. However, being an expat isn’t always as rosy as it seems. Expats need to be careful as things are not always as they seem in some places and living and working in these countries can be a bit of a nightmare. Although there are a plethora of countries that should be on ... Read more

Countries Around the World Being Ruined by Tourism

Travelling has become easier than ever thanks to the internet, more affordable journeys and shorter travel times and there’s no doubt that we’ve taken full advantage of this. There are many benefits to travelling; it not only enriches the mind and opens your eyes to other cultures but it’s also known to relieve stress and boost mental health. However, what comes as a blessing to us, comes as a detriment to some of the world’s most amazing spectacles. With the significant increase in ... Read more

UK One of the Best Countries for Expat Benefit Packages

When moving abroad; weather, a great location and cost of living are all major factors when deciding where to call home but a lot of us base our decisions on where to move to according to how much we can earn. After all, money is the real driving factor. The ECA’s latest My Expatriate Market Pay Survey has revealed the top countries where professionals are earning more than the global average. The survey has analysed pay levels for expatriates in 170 countries ... Read more

How to Deal With an Unhappy Expat Child

Moving to a different country is daunting for anyone but it can be even more confusing and distressing for children. Adjusting to a new environment, leaving loved ones, starting a new school and having to make new friends can be a lot for children to deal with. Although young children are known for being resilient a change this big can often cause them to become happy and often, the older the child, the greater the risk. If you ware worried that your ... Read more

How to Apply for US Citizenship?

If you’re looking to become a US citizen, there are several steps you must go through in order to apply and gain US citizenship. Steps include checking eligibility, a naturalisation interview and an English and Civics test. The process in which a non-US citizen voluntarily becomes an American citizen is referred to as naturalisation and here we outline the important steps you need to take to become a US Citizen through naturalisation. Eligibility Firstly, you must check that you are eligible to apply for ... Read more

How to Be Successfully Self-Employed Abroad

The allure of working abroad freelance is undeniable. With the Global  Business Monitor Report 2019 indicating that SMEs are apprehensive regarding Brexit,  who wouldn’t want to escape the 9 to 5 and type up articles next to the ocean or sort out finances overlooking a sun-drenched city? What’s more, you have the opportunity to become your own boss. Being skilled at a job where you can solely work from a laptop means you could be writing copy for a UK-based company ... Read more

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming an Expat

Are you thinking of taking the plunge and moving abroad but are still a bit uncertain? That’s understandable as moving to a different country, whether it’s for just a short time or for an extended period is not a decision to be made lightly. No matter whether you’re moving abroad to retire, for your career or just for a fresh start it requires a lot of thought and planning. Before moving abroad it’s important to ask yourself these essential questions to ensure ... Read more

The Pros and Cons of International Schools for Expat Children

When moving abroad with your children one of your main concerns will be schooling and making sure that your children still get the education they need. It can be a hard process choosing the right school when moving abroad. There’s always much debate over whether you should send your children to a local or international school. International schools were originally created to cater to the expatriate market and foreign nationals that often move around on assignments and would bring their families with ... Read more
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