The World’s 10 Best Cities to Live in 2019

Last year we gave you a rundown of the best cities to live in and this year we’re back to update you on the movements for 2019. According to Mercer’s ‘Quality of Living Ranking’ for 2019 Vienna has topped the chart for the 10th year running. Every year Mercer evaluates a variety of different factors including; recreation, housing, public transport, education, natural environment and more to determine the quality of living in almost 500 cities around the world.

This is what the top 10 looks like this year:

10: Basel, Switzerland

The Swiss city of Basel remains comfortably in 10th place. The city is small and easy to get around as the public transport options are excellent. It may only be the third largest city in Switzerland, but the city is a multicultural hub with a charming atmosphere.  Good food and drink are important to the people of Basel so you will find plenty of gourmet eateries.

9: Geneva, Switzerland

Basel isn’t the only Swiss city that has made the top 10. Luxurious Geneva has also been included due to its strong schooling system, great transport links and super eco-friendly environment. However, whilst its quality of life is one of the best in Europe, its downfall is the cost of living which is notably high.

8: Copenhagen, Denmark

Up one place from 2018 is the Danish capital, Copenhagen. It’s no surprise the city dedicated to ‘hygge’ keeps climbing the charts as it’s regularly voted one of the happiest places in the world to live. The city’s infrastructure improvements over the last few years including making cycling the friendliest and quickest way to commute to work has indeed contributed to its position this year.

7: Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is just one of three German cities to be ranked in the top 10 for quality of life. It’s known for being the financial capital of Germany meaning there are a lot of well-paid jobs available, but it also has so much more to offer. A spectacular city skyline, cultural highlights and a vibrant party scene are just a few.

6: Düsseldorf, Germany

This chic city by the Rhine has everything within relatively easy reach making most of its attractions accessible by foot or bicycle with the journey usually taking you through one of its beautifully landscaped parks. The living cost in Düsseldorf is much lower than many other European cities making it a popular choice for many expats.

5: Auckland, New Zealand

A balanced lifestyle, great job opportunities, natural beauty and welcoming natives is what you’ll find in Auckland. The city is home to nearly one-third of the country’s population and is the economic powerhouse of New Zealand meaning jobs aren’t hard to come by. They work hard in Auckland, but life outside the office is also very important, so the work-life balance is favourable.

4: Munich, Germany

The third entry for Germany is Munich, the capital of the Bavaria district. It’s a very popular city for expats making it a modern cosmopolitan city with an ethnic feel. It’s a large city with a small-town feel offering plenty of public transport options including the metro, tram, local trains and buses all operating throughout the city. The pleasant atmosphere in Munich’s city centre is also helped by the ban on diesel cars.

3: Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver has impressively jumped up two places in this year’s rankings and it’s no wonder. This diverse city has immense career opportunities, an eco-friendly atmosphere, low crime rate, mild climate, gorgeous beaches and so many things to see and do.

2: Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich has stayed firmly in 2nd place this year. The city has a large international community and is home to people from around the world as well as many international and Swiss companies.  It has an appealing atmosphere with fabulous shopping, great public transport and lots of outdoor adventures.

1: Vienna, Austria

There’s no stopping Vienna as it sits in first place for the tenth year running. A stable political and economic environment means Austria’s capital is thriving. The city offers a rich cultural life with magnificent historical buildings everywhere you look, traditional Austrian coffee houses, gourmet restaurants serving a range of cuisines and exemplary public transport. Other things that contribute to Vienna’s success are excellent internet and telecommunication networks, modern schools and universities, superb medical care and an abundance of recreational opportunities such as shopping and sports. Considering moving now? We are!

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