What Are the Best Industries for Expats in 2019?

Brits intending to work abroad this year may feel concerned about how easy it will be to secure a job in their desired country. Rest assured, there are a whole host of job opportunities abroad and more than anything, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

One of the best ways to start the process of looking for work overseas is to focus on a particular industry. What’s more, if you’re looking to move to a country where you don’t yet know the language, this will further help you to filter down the potential roles which will best suit you.

Therefore, individuals needing some time to learn the native language – let’s face it, most of us do – you’ll likely find it useful to know which expat jobs are suited to English speakers.

Here are some of the best industries for English speakers to work abroad in 2019.

Creative, Arts and Media

The creative industry has much to offer expats, with the majority of work not focused on verbal communication and  measured more on artistic skill. Painting, photography, graphic design and marketing, are all perfect examples of potential roles which might be easy to secure.

Taking photography as an example, from photojournalism to event photography, if you know your way around a camera this industry is ideal for you. With high demand in most countries and little in the way of native speaking requirements, this could serve to create the very best of creativity and culture for your travels. Imagine the incredible places you will capture, visually showcasing the very best on offer in your chosen destination.

Tourism and Hospitality

Most countries heavily invest in tourism, meaning there is almost always an abundance of jobs to fill. There is much role variety and flexibility within both the tourist and hospitality industries – tour guides, hotel and restaurant staff, travel coordinators etc.

Spoken English is particularly sort after, giving you an even greater edge when applying for roles abroad in these industries.

The opportunities have the potential to be interesting and sociable, with a chance to learn new cultures and interact with a wide mix of people. Roles such as tour guides will also benefit from exploring the country and experiencing all it has to offer. For those in less outdoorsy roles, you can enjoy your leisure time in the surroundings of your chosen location.

Childcare and Education

If you’re interested in a teaching career, your opportunities to teach English overseas are considerable. By teaching abroad, you can enjoy a good salary, benefits and lifestyle in almost any country across the world.

With most countries holding the English language as an educational priority, you can choose the country you’d most like to live in. If you would prefer to teach in a similar educational system to what you’re used to in the UK, you still have a whole host of international schools in many countries to choose from too.

For those looking to work in the childcare arena, an au pair makes for a fantastic international job. With some experience of working with children, you will be able to easily secure such a role in most parts of the world. This type of role offers a unique chance to explore the country both on the job and in your leisure time, whilst being fully immersed in experiencing the authentic lifestyle and culture of your chosen destination.

Many families seek English speakers and as au pair’s job usually comes with accommodation, this can make for a much easier process, compared to other roles where you have to secure your own housing. However, don’t rush your decision and be sure to have a clear idea of expectations, working requirements, conditions, pay, and hours, before accepting the job.

Remember, if are every required to work abroad or attend an overseas meeting as part of your job, invest in business travel insurance.

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