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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Obese people 'at risk of heart attack'

Obese expatriates are considerably more likely to need emergency treatments on international health insurance policies than their thinner counterparts.

Heart UK dietician Linda Main said being overweight is known as a risk factor for the development of coronary heart disease.

Furthermore, people who hold fat around their waist have an elevated likelihood of developing metabolic syndrome, which involves insulin resistance and high blood pressure, as well as abnormal levels of blood cholesterol and triglycerides.

This will make them more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, she pointed out.

Processed foods with high levels of saturated fat, salt and sugar could damage a person's heart, the specialist remarked.

Trans fats and saturates increase the amount of 'bad cholesterol' a person has in their body, which leads to a build up of material on the inside of a person's coronary arteries.

A heart attack results when one of these blood vessels becomes blocked, she declared.

Recent research published in PLoS Medicine revealed reducing a person's body mass index can make them significantly less likely to develop cardiac diseases.

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