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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Moroccan expats 'returning home'

Moroccan expatriate health insurance policyholders are increasingly packing up and coming home in the wake of the global recession.

According to, Moroccan expatriate minister Mohammed Ameur has announced the number of expatriates who have decided to return home is up eight per cent year-on-year.

However, for the significant number that has relocated abroad, the Moroccan government is set to increase its level of support and help expats retain ties with their home country.

Official data shows 54,000 expatriates decided to come home between June and September this year, while some 150,000 Moroccans are living in Spain without jobs, the news source stated.

A total of ten million dirhams (890,000 euros) has been earmarked for the government's support programme, which will focus on implementing an economic, social and legal system abroad so that expatriate medical insurance policyholders can access lawyers and counselling if they run into problems when overseas.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported at the end of last month that economic slowdown in the European Union has lead to a fall in remittances submitted by expatriate Moroccan workers.

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