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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Exploding insect repellent leaves man in hospital

A British expatriate living in Spain had a second shock after seeing a cockroach in his apartment when the can of insect repellent he was holding exploded.

The 47-year-old has not been named, but is being treated for several broken bones as well as other serious injuries after the incident on Tuesday night.

He aimed the aerosol at the cockroach that had appeared in his kitchen at a block of flats in Torrevieja and pressed the top down, reports the Telegraph.

This caused an explosion that made a wall to collapse and sent the victim through the air, landing on the street 15 feet below.

It has not been ascertained as to what caused the explosion, but investigations are continuing into the origins of this safety issue.

One possible explanation is that the contents of the can could have reacted with sparks from electrical equipment nearby, but the fire service has not announced an official verdict.

The man's girlfriend and other residents in the adjacent flats were immediately evacuated following the incident over fears of a gas leak.

A spokesman for the Civil Guard said in an interview with the news provider: "She [the girlfriend] was in a different room at the time and didn't get hurt."

He went on to say: "It seems he had been trying to kill the cockroach for quite some time when he tackled it with the insect spray – and boom."

Accidents occurring during such seemingly innocuous activities highlight the importance of expats making sure they know where their nearest medical facilities are located.

It is also a reminder of how vital expat insurance is to ensure that all medical treatment is covered and that the individual is not left out of pocket following such events.

When using aerosol cans, the safety instructions should always be followed, because they are pressurised containers with concentrated substances inside.

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