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Will British Expats See Another Referendum?

There had been rumours of a second Brexit referendum since decisions were revealed after the initial vote. Now, EU leaders are backing for another referendum on Brexit, with expat campaign groups in agreement for another poll.

With the media projecting that decisions are not being made during negotiations, a number of state leaders and have made it clear that they would fully support a final Brexit referendum. Theresa May’s plan has been met with mostly disdain, with many people deeming it ‘unacceptable’.

Originally, the plan was to have a Brexit solution in place by the deadline, 18th October 2018. However, EU leaders have decided to move this date back to mid-November when a one-off summit will be held. With Brexit still set to go ahead in March 2019, many are becoming concerned about what the future holds. May has not said anything in regard to delaying this date despite there being obvious issues. Many polls have revealed that many who voted previously would now like a second referendum or to be able to vote on whatever final deal is put on the table.

The impact of a second vote

Whilst nothing has been released that would indicate any further vote is going ahead, British expats who have lived overseas for more than 15 years would still not be able to vote. There was outrage during the 2016 referendum due to this and experts fear that this could cause more resentment if there was to be another vote.

Anti-Brexit campaign group British in Europe and the Peoples’ Vote campaign are set to take advantage of the failing negotiations, with Peoples’ Vote organising a march in October.

British in Europe recently released a report that voices there is a legal case for the inclusion of long-term expats for any vote that will profoundly affect them; in this case, Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. They believe a second vote should include an option to ‘remain’ on the ballot paper. British in Europe have made their opinion very clear and believe the only way expats’ rights can remain protected is if Britain stay in the EU.


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