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Where Are Brits Moving To In 2016?

In a new global migration report, conducted by MoveHub, the UK had the highest rate of professionals leaving the country of the 30 destinations analysed. The report collated data from 180,000 pre-move inquiries and research revealed that three in ten Brits were leaving the UK in search for a better quality of life, and 54% were seeking sunnier climes.

Australia is certainly the place for those in search of sunshine, with temperatures averaging 30 degrees in the summer months. 13% of Brits between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2016 were planning on a move Down Under. With nearly 26 kilometres of coastline, friendly neighbours and the opportunity for an outdoor lifestyle, a move to Australia is a no-brainer for some expats.

In second place was America, with 12% of Brits wishing to emigrate there. An inevitable choice for many is the city that never sleeps, New York. With the prospect of building a professional empire in the Big Apple, many expats move to the city looking for career expansion. Other favourites for British expats are Austin, the Sunshine State of Florida, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Unsurprisingly, Spain ranked in third place and has been a favourite destination for expats for a number of years. The British expat community in Spain is vast and many feel as if the county is a home away from home, particularly for retirees, who revel in the simple joys of Spanish living.

France has been hailed an ideal destination for affordable property which can explain why 5% of Brits are choosing to move there, ranking the destination in fourth place. Many wish for a different and easier way of life, leaving Blighty for coastal Brittany or, predictably, the chic capital of Paris.

Tied in fourth place with France is Canada. There are a multitude of reasons for Brits wishing to move to the country; with a promise of a peaceful life, a sound banking and healthcare systems, and high educational standards. Many expats currently living in Canada applaud the natural beauty of the country and, on the whole, state their 3,606 mile move has improved their quality of life.

Fifth place, again, was a joint offering from contrasting countries Ireland and the United Arab Emirates. In recently released data from the HSBC Expat Explorer survey, the UAE was ranked one of the best countries in the world for business orientated women to thrive, so perhaps career progression for British women could explain the desire to move to the Middle East.

3% of Brits leaving the country are moving to Germany and New Zealand, both sharing the ranking for sixth most popular destination.

In seventh place is a three-way tie between South Africa, Italy and India (all responsible for 2% of potential British expatriates).

As for the rest of the destinations making the top ten – Portugal, Sweden, Cyprus and the Netherlands each accounted for around 1.5 to 1.9% of inquiries. 17% of MoveHub clients indicated it was for career progression, 25% were hoping for better job prospects and 31% complained that housing in the UK is too expensive and they could get more bang for buck overseas.


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