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Welsh expat 'is eco pioneer'

An expatriate living in the Australian outback has persuaded his adoptive community to dispense with expensive bottled water and embrace recycling, it has been reported.

News website WalesOnline.com reports that Huw Kinston, who has lived in the town of Bundanoon since 1990, launched the world’s first successful campaign to ban bottled water from all local bars, shops and cafes.

Native Welshman Mr Kingston told the Western Mail: "All the residents seemed to feel that the industry and throwaway society we live in isn’t good for the outdoors and that we should do something about it.

He added that coverage of the bid had given the campaign more than £1 million of publicity, after the story appeared in Time magazine, the New York Times and on the BBC World Service.

After successfully persuading the town to adopt his suggestion, Mr Kingston went on to win Australian news source News.com.au’s Green Hero of the Year award earlier this month.

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