Vienna is regarded as the best city in the world to live in -
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Vienna is regarded as the best city in the world to live in

Vienna is revealed to be the best city to live in according to Mercer’s 2014 Quality of Living rankings. The Austrian city took the top spot, making
it a desirable location for expats seeking a life abroad.

Certain factors were analysed during the survey including
the likes of crime levels, air pollution, standards of international schools,
housing quality, political stability, media censorship, public transport and of
course, healthcare.

Expatriate medical insurance is at the forefront of things
to cover when moving abroad and it would not go amiss in Vienna. Although the
city does offer excellent medical care for all its citizens including expats,
additional international travel health insurance will ensure a higher quality
of hospital stays and clinical check-ups.

Doctors and hospital appointments are generally free to
those who hold valid Austrian Health insurance and this is usually expanded to
those working in the city as every employee is automatically covered by a
public health insurance plan. However, additional global expat insurance will
ensure that expats will be reimbursed for any specialist fees that they may incur.

Vienna is a city renowned for its architectural beauty
similar to cities like Paris and Rome, making it an enviable area for any expat
to move to. It boasts famous historical sites and unparalleled works of art. Vienna
contribute to an estimated 25% of Austria’s gross national product, making it
one of the wealthiest regions in the world.

The city is home to a number of high quality hospitals that
specialise in a range of medicines which is a reassurance to all expatriates
who may face medical dilemmas. Pharmacies are a common site and just like the UK,
over the counter drugs are readily available. The same rule applies to prescription
medication. In cases of prescription medication; they can usually be picked up
at the average price of 5.30 euros whilst your expatriate health insurance will
cover the rest of the expense. Moreover, every district has at least one
pharmacy that is open all night.

Vienna is a practical, profitable and admired city to move to
with the city offering career prospects in virtually every line of work. Most
of the jobs are found in the service sector and include work in trade, business
and real estate.

With medical staff often speaking at least one foreign
language, the most common being English, and with high quality services and the
added assurance of expatriate health insurance, the decision to move to the
thriving and best city in the world seems an easy one.

Expatriate Healthcare understand the importance of international medical insurance.

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