UN backs health investment programme -
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UN backs health investment programme

An international healthcare deal worth £3.2 billion aims to improve treatment in the developing world, in particular that of women and children.

Britain joined Australia, France, Norway and other United Nations (UN) members in backing the agreement.

Announced at a UN event last week co-hosted by UK prime minister Gordon Brown and World Bank president Robert Zoellick, the move came as Mr Brown urged countries to remove healthcare fees.

Nepal, Malawi, Ghana, Burundi and Sierra Leone confirmed they would improve access to health services and give ten million more people access to free care, according to the UK Department for International Development.

Speaking at the event, Mr Brown said: "We cannot let mothers and children die through lack of finance and through the persistence of user fees.

"The £3.2 billion raised and the leadership of developing countries announcing the abolition of user fees mean that today is an historic step towards the goal of universal healthcare in Asia and Africa."

The news follows a call from more than 60 organisations across the world for member nations to provide sustainable support to third world medical care.

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