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TripAdvisor Names Best Country in the World

For many tourists and expats alike, travel website TripAdvisor has become something of an institution. The scale of the site these days is truly mind-blogging. It offers over 200 million reviews on more than 4.5 million businesses in 147,000 destinations around the world.

It also offers 29 million photographs taken by users and access to over 70 million members with a single email. No wonder then that at the time of writing TripAdvisor was ranked as one of the top 200 websites in the world in terms of traffic. Suffice to say, that when TripAdvisor speaks, the travel industry listens. With such an audience in the industry, feedback can make or break an area.

With such a large footprint, many travellers rely on TripAdvisor – and its millions of travel reviews – to help them make their next trip away a success. From hotels and resorts, to tourist attractions and even areas of the world, being able to access millions of independent reviews from people who have already been there represents to many people the true purpose of the Internet.

The ability to report back on your own experiences – to either encourage or dissuade other guests – is a powerful factor. As an expat or tourist, it can help you cut through the marketing hype of the travel companies and instead cut straight to the “truth” about what an area is really like.

All this data is impressive – but it does represent one major headache; while it may be useful for comparing two different resorts that you’re considering, how does one weigh up everything entered on the site in order to find the “best” destinations on a world-wide scale? How can one possibly find the time to make sense of all that data – in to decide on which countries, cities and hotels are worth your money – and which are best avoided?

Thankfully, TripAdvisor have an answer to this question, having just combed through all their data to find the single highest-rated destination in the whole world. In order to decide on the winner TripAdvisor takes into account both the quality and quantity of reviews over a 12 month period and crunches the numbers to ascertain the most reliably high-quality destination.

In such a way the rankings are based on current opinions and feedback, allowing areas to improve over time as they respond to visitor feedback and see their average review – and hence their ranking – increase.

This year’s winner, having climbed 5 spaces to claim glory is Marrakech in Morocco. This city represents the most consistently high reviews from visitors around the world and is sure to put this more unusual destination at the top of many travellers “to do” lists.

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