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Travelling for adventure, not danger: risky places for expats to work

Expatriate medical insurance is vital, whether
gained privately or by the employer. Anyone can get ill or be involved in an
accident. You need to be covered especially when moving to a country that has
poor healthcare, political unrest or high levels of crime. We list the places
that are currently high risk where extra care is needed for obvious reasons! 

Afghanistan – The conflict has
been ongoing for over ten years and there is still unrest. The atmosphere is
incredibly volatile. The bulk of expats are contractors and therefore, are in
constant danger of being targeted or being kidnapped. Journalists and reporters
are also at risk from the violence and from disease.

Malawi – Very high rates of
typhoid, malaria and diarrhoea have been recorded in the area as well as frequent
cases of HIV and AIDS. Getting international travel health insurance is
paramount. Getting the relevant jabs before travelling is also extremely

American Samoa, USA and Kiritbat
– A large portion of the population suffer from obesity. A change in diet and
lifestyle, radically different to the one you had back home, can result in
weight gain and an unhealthy diet. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating clean
and sanitised food is important for the expatriate. International healthcare
can cover regular check-ups to ensure that you are at your fittest.

Iraq – The war may have ended but
fighting and violence continues to be a daily occurrence in a nation split
apart by conflict. The large oil reserves attract many expats eager to seek
work especially with the growing attention of big companies. Hostage taking and
injury are very real and pose a constant threat.

Qatar – The gulf region has come
under a lot of scrutiny due several incidents with expats working in
construction. There were 241 deaths in 2013 and several factors such as
strenuous labour, poor working conditions and arguably, a certain amount of
indifference on part of the government are being used to explain the growing
number of expat injuries. Expat medical insurance is critical when working in
construction where the rules and regulations are somewhat lax.

Developing continents like Africa
and Asia
– If you are moving abroad to areas such as the ones named above, it
is important for expats to gain international private medical insurance because
there is a striking difference between developed and undeveloped countries
regarding healthcare and medical attention. Hundreds of infectious diseases
plague these places with little or no medicinal cures or treatments. Taking the
required jabs and medicines before moving is also mandatory.

Carry out thorough research on the country you intend to
move to beforehand and take every medical precaution. Make sure you are covered
by expatriate medical insurance.

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