Travel Queries Go Mobile in 2015 -
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Travel Queries Go Mobile in 2015

From the creation of mobile-friendly operating system Android, through to penalizing websites which aren’t mobile-friendly in the search rankings, Google has invested heavily in helping mobile users to seamlessly use the Internet.

Little wonder then that as the phone in your pocket or bag continues to become ever more powerful, more of us than ever before are “going mobile” with our Internet usage.

In May this year Google went on the record to report that the search giant now experiences more mobile searches than those from standard computers.

However where this growth is arguably most noticeable seems to be in the travel industry, which is seeing spectacular growth.

Recent reports from Google analysts reveals that travel-related searches rose 50% on mobile devices over the last year. Interestingly, the scientists found that it isn’t just that more and more consumers are relying on their smartphone to plan and research trips abroad, but also that the overall behaviour of consumers is changing.

They found, for example, that the time-on-site (long held up as a critical metric for search engine firms) dropped by 7% over the same time period. Indeed, rather than benefitting from extended searches, it seems that smartphone users are instead dipping in and out over time.

Whenever they have a couple of minutes to spare during their hectic days they’re taking the opportunity to jump on Google and investigation travel options.

Google reports that the two most common types of searches are:

“What to do in…”

“Where is…”

However these are far from the only searches carried out. The engineers also reported that consumers shopping for flights from their phones increased by a third this year, with hotel-searches showing even more marked improvements of 49%.

While consumers are increasingly relying on Google’s mobile-friendly technology to research travel deals, it seems that video sharing site YouTube is becoming ever more popular among those investigating travel options. The recent report reveals that two thirds of users who watched travel-related videos on their smartphone did so specifically to research future travel destinations.

In many ways researching travel options from your phone is the “perfect storm” as ever more influences become felt. Firstly, of course, there is the ever more mobile-friendly search landscape. Secondly there’s the practicality of being able to carry out searches even when you’re out for the day.

And lastly, in today’s ever more frenetic pace of life, being able to access the Internet and dream about your next overseas trip is becoming ever more practical from today’s mobile devices.

Being able to surf for hotel and flight deals from the comfort of your train seat, or while waiting for a meeting to start, seems like an ever-more tempting solution than having to try and carve out some “quality time” on your computer at home.

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