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Travel + Leisure Reveals the World’s Best City Destinations

Travel + Leisure, one of the most-respected websites for travel advice, has just revealed their top city break recommendations.

The recommendations come not from the publishers themselves, but rather from thousands of independent readers of their website and/or magazine.

With such a large data set the results are considered significant, with awards being highly regarded in the travel industry.

Furthermore, and possibly even more interestingly, before collating the eventual winners, Travel + Leisure screens all responses, seeking to eliminate any from travel industry professionals. In other words the Travel + Leisure Awards essentially represent the “people’s choice”.

So, with that said, which cities have won plaudits from travellers worldwide?

#5 – Rome

A member of the so-called “Hall of Fame” after making it into the top ten results for the last decade, Rome offers a rich cultural experience with architecture and history to amaze and entertain. Just as interestingly, Rome has been experiencing a culinary revival in recent years, with many world-class restaurants opening in the heart of the city.

#4 – Florence

If you’ve never visited Florence then one thing is certain; the photos simply can’t prepare you for the visual feast which awaits you. Nestled in Tuscany, one of Italy’s most scenic regions, this centre of art houses works by luminaries as famous as Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo. Thanks to the vast array of culture on offer here its little wonder that Forbes magazine has proclaimed Florence as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

#3 – Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Cambodia may not be your first thought when considering options for a city break, but as it turns out those in the know have been blown away by this stunning tropical destination. The city is perhaps best known for its many sites of religious importance. A large number of temples are to be found here, of which Angkor Wat is arguably the most famous.

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#2 – Charleston (South Carolina)

While many city getaways focus on well-known areas like New York or Orlando, it’s all too easy to find these sprawling metropolises a little difficult to get to know. Worse, while major tourist centres like these have their fans, many people find them too hectic and soulless. Not so for Charleston, however, the oldest city in South Carolina.

From the cobbled streets to the horse-drawn carriages, Charleston offers a slower pace of a life and more picturesque city centre to explore.

#1 – Kyoto

In many ways the cultural heart of Japan, Kyoto is a truly stunning city to visit. With its plethora of Japanese gardens, traditional buildings and historical Buddhist temples, Kyoto represents the “Japan of old”. Full of charm and intrigue, visitors are beguiled by the tranquillity and visual beauty of the city. Truly a destination to rejuvenate the spirit (and fill up the camera).

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