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The World Cup War - England v Costa Rica



Costa Rica
game is fast approaching and the air is rife with competitiveness. This could
be the final chance for England to redeem themselves before Costa Rica make it
through. For expats thinking of moving there, perhaps it would be fun to make
some comparisons and see which country will ‘score best’ in a non-football



is alive with activity – literally. It
is famous for having an incredibly high level of biodiversity in its tropical
forests. In fact, you are likely to come across some creature, be that a toucan
or a monkey, while you are out socialising.

Costa Rican cuisine is mild but full of flavour and highly
reliant on fresh vegetables and fruit. Gallo pinto, a dish of beans and rice
mixed with onions and bell peppers is a popular for breakfast and is considered
to be the national dish. You are guaranteed a great cup of coffee because
coffee is one of

Costa Rica’s
greatest exports.

For things to do, you can visit one of the many sandy
beaches surrounded by luscious green forests and you might see a volcano or two.
Several are surfing and rafting hotspots. Keep fit by taking bike rides past
great mountains and volcanoes or participate in some popular fishing. 

Clubs and casinos are very popular and you can expect to see
some salsa or bachata on the dance floor.

‘Pura Vida’ is the most popular and recognisable phrase and it
reflects the Costa Rican way of life. It means ‘pure life’ and is the way
people usually say hello.

is also known for its night-life, with many popular clubs and bars. Pub culture
is identifiable with the country where you can socialise and have several
beers. Traditional English dishes include Shepherd’s Pie, bangers and mash and
Sunday roasts. For those keen on history and culture, you can visit one of
London’s many museums.

Score after round one:

England 0 – 

Costa Rica



Costa Rica is renowned for its incredible healthcare system and
is widely known as Central America’s greatest health success story. The


is one of the Blue Zones in the world. This is because people commonly live
active lives past the age of 100. The country provides universal care to its
residents and is a hotspot for medical tourism. 

England is well known for its successful, publicly-funded
healthcare system the National Health Service (NHS) which is responsible for
providing the majority of healthcare in the country. The quality of medication
and services is high and is a leading example of healthcare all over the world.

Score after round two:

England 1 – Costa Rica 2



The quality of education in Costa Rica has risen and primary
and secondary schools can be found throughout the country. Universal public
education is assured in the constitution and primary education is compulsory.
There are a number of private and public universities to choose from for higher
education. Currently, there is a high demand for higher education with little
places available in the public sector.

Education in England is of high quality with education
historically being seen as a great advantage. There are seven ancient
universities (universities found before 1800) including Oxford and Cambridge.
Education is soon to be compulsory until the age of 18 rather than 16. The
majority of students attend state-funded schools without charge.

Score after the final round:

England 2 – Costa Rica 2

So we predict a final score at the World Cup of 2 -2!

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