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The Surprising Things That British Expats Miss About Home

It goes without saying that every expat has things they miss about their home country. However, the things they miss most aren’t always the things you might expect, such as friends or national foods. If Cotton Traders are to be believed, the factors that British expats miss about the UK are far more surprising.

According to recent research carried out by clothing retailer Cotton Trader, the number one thing that Brits miss about Blighty when living overseas is… the weather. While many of us dream of retiring overseas to a warmer and more reliable climate, it seems that this constant sunshine isn’t necessarily all that it’s cracked up to be.

Whilst most British expats would stop short of admitting that they miss our grey drizzle and winter winds it seems that it’s the variety that most Brits miss. Many popular expat destinations vary far less throughout the year than do the British Isles. So while that predictable warmth and sunshine may have appeal initially, many native Brits soon start to find this reliability stifling.

After all, there are attractions to snuggling up in front of a burning fire, sipping on steaming soup and curling up with a good book when it’s cold and dark outside.

It’s not just the British climate that expats miss. Next on the list of items that British expats miss is the much-maligned National Health Service, with its free healthcare for all. It seems that many expats are less than impressed with the costs involved with seeking medical care overseas. This does help to underline the importance of investing in expat medical insurance before leaving home to guarantee you the highest levels of care at the most affordable prices.

The third most popular thing that expats long for is the good old-fashioned British sense of humour. While each nation has its own identity in terms of humour, it seems that very few countries can match the humour that British natives have grown accustomed to.

The lesson here appears to be better the devil you know. In essence, until you move abroad and live in another country you probably won’t fully appreciate what you had back home. Furthermore for potential expats considering the move abroad the things that you find yourself missing most may not be what you expected!

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